My Sister Connie

Another great day spent with my Sisters and Mom — after my CrossFit workout, we headed into DC and spent a few hours at the Smithsonian. Then completed the evening with some Indian Food.

Nothing like spending time with people who know you best — the good and bad of you.

My big sis, Deb came to CrossFit with me today to give it a try. The fact that she came was so huge in my book and meant so much to me. As I have said before, I don’t care if CrossFit is not for you — I just want everyone to find their “CrossFit” — no matter what that is. She jumped in and gave it a try –even if it was like pulling teeth. She scaled it to what she could do — and you know what? She did great, she survived and asked if we can go again on Monday.

My Sister Dee & Mom

My family being here has been super fun — lots of laughs, eating and enjoying the moments –which in the end, is the most important part of having them here. We have done a lot of hanging out — and in the words of Hannah Bea —

If we are going to do nothing, we are going to do nothing together.

Our Workout:


Indian Run with Med Ball
Jumping Jacks

Moving Day
2 teams
Goal: Move as much weight as possible
Grab some weight, and run to first station
Station 1: 35 Sit Ups
Station 2: 25 Box Jumps
Station 3: Run with Water Pipes
Run to grab more weight and Repeat

When all weight has been moved to station 1, repeat entire process moving weight back to original spot.

Dee and I were in Team 2 and we managed to move 3500lbs in 20minutes. Team 1 moved 3100lbs!