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We All Have Something


A friend of mine is recovering from Breast Cancer — she was under 30 when diagnosed and it changed her physically and emotionally. She wrote this post recently that I when I read it yesterday, it was perfect timing. I really needed this reminder. I hope you find the inspiration and support in her words — which I did– when you are feeling down about you and your body.

We All Have Something

…understanding that we all have something. Maybe some more severe than others, but we have all been through challenges and perhaps don’t like certain things about our bodies. It is a personal journey of acceptance of one’s own self and loving who you are despite sickness or injury.

Today is a New Day


Today is a new day Folks! I have fallen off the wagon, eating wise, and it’s time to climb back and move on. I gotta tell you, I feel like crap. Sluggish, Fat and overall yuck. It really takes the joy out of eating the way I used to and it’s almost instant too. Maybe it’s because my body has been so detoxed that it reacts so quickly. If I can remember this overall feeling — I won’t eat like that again any time soon. Now it’s time to get back to work to deal with this over-eating —

I felt pretty good this morning even though I didn’t sleep all that well. I’m ready to get back to my routine —

20 Sampson Stretch
400m run
10 push ups
10 strict mountain climbers
10 whirly birds
10 whirly bendy birds
10 squats

25 Double Unders
Mobility on Lats/triceps

Front Squats

Go Heavy!

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