Today is one of those days when I was excited to head to CrossFit (well, more than usual). Deadlifts! I like DLs — I can do DLs. Broad sturdy shoulders and strong core base come in handy!

I needed a good heavy lift — it’s been a hard, stressful week here at the Hoaglund house. Scott has been working super late hours, as have I – and that means figuring out kid logistics and meals and rest and, and, and… so it’s times like these that I am happy I do workout! Get rid of my frustration at the gym, have 1 hour of almost guaranteed ‘fun’ and hang out with a bunch of good peeps. Win/Win.

45# barx2
10 DLs
10 hang cleans
10 push press
10 oh squats
10 good mornings
10 push ups

ring work

15-13-11-9-7-5-3-1 reps of:
Deadlift (~60% 1RM) 135#
Ring Dip
time: 8:46

mobility work