I love the people I workout with – seriously. Just a great, fun group of people that support each other. The way I look at it all — if you can’t have a good time getting up that friggin early in the AM, then at times, its not worth it.  And what I really like is that we really don’t have the type of box or athlete that caters to the uber competitive, sizing you up, no time for beginners type. Our community has it all — older folks, teens, married suburbia type — and we all seem to mix well. Not sure if it’s like that at every box –but it’s something I am very proud of about ours.

One of the athletes came in today and said she was pretty sure she was the oldest and weakest one at the box — I’m not sure that’s true, but what I said to her –and what someone said to me one time — how many other people your age are in here doing what you do? The answer–very few. Sort of like what I said about learning how to do a cartwheel –how many other 40 year old never learned and are out there – tackling it at our age? Not many and that’s what you focus on to get you up and out the door each time. You will always be faster than the person on the couch! Always.  Word Up. #truestory in Twitter speak.

Tomorrow marks the end of the 8 week Whole Life Challenge at CF Impavidus. We only had 4-5 athletes drop out –and some for medical reasons. I can honestly say that most of the athletes who had not already adapted to this way of eating before saw Dramatic changes when they began. It’s amazing to see some of them and I am seriously filled with pride that I had a hand in making a change in their lives. How many people can say that about something they did — you played a part in improving someone’s life in 8 short weeks! Maybe alot can — but it’s still a great feeling. I can’t wait to find out the actual stats and see who will be CFI’s Biggest Loser! Or Biggest Whole Life Challenger Loser. It’s going to be a tight race too based on what I have seen already — can’t wait!!!!

Now on to my workout this AM. I was feeling yesterday’s dead lift extravaganza for sure this AM — so I am glad we took some time  to loosen up before tackling Ground to Overhead!

800m run
10 pass thrus
10 OHS
10 Good Mornings
?? (can’t remember)

Ground to OH (snatch or power clean/press)

30 Double Unders
15 Ground to OH (53lbs)
total: 2+ rounds

We had to muddle through Double Unders and since I don’t have them all synced up yet, I struggled. And I did do the snatch first to get Ground to OH done but switched to power clean presses because for me, it was easier. Think you can’t get a workout in 10min? Try this 10m one above– you will be curled up on the floor when you are done!