I seriously think today’s workout was the least enjoyable and toughest one I have done in a very very long time. It could also be that I think that because this was my 5th day in a row working out –and I usually do 4 days and then rest and all the workouts this week have been super tough. I will be extra thankful for tomorrow’s rest day —


Dynamic Stretching

Med Ball Cleans (over and over again)

Clean Squats


  • 4 Dead Hang Pull ups
  • 8 Clean Squats
  • 12 Jumping lunges (each leg=24)


— Want some inspiration? Watch CF Athlete Chris Spealler — You can tell just by looking at someone that they found their passion in life. I am sure you have people in your day to day life that you can look at & know they are doing what they are meant to do. No reason why you can’t be that person too!