My daughter has been sick going on 3 days now — fever, chills, hallucinations. Those are the freakiest things to watch her experience. She sees and feels thing and has this wild look in her eyes. And of course she yells at me during them for not helping her. Moms sometimes can’t win —

Today is my rest day — Sun, Mon, Tues, and Weds were all CrossFit days, so I figured it was OK to rest today. I don’t think anyone would argue with me.

I just signed up for the CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course. From the CF website:

At the CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course, Coach Tucker and his staff will delve into basic, intermediate and advanced gymnastics forms in a lecture setting followed by practical application. Skills will be repeated until the student has a full grasp and understanding of how to learn, spot and teach instructed methods safely. Instruction will include how to scale and spot all demonstrated movements for beginners and accomplished athletes.

I’m beyond excited for this in April. You should join me if you are in the area – here’s some info on how to sign up.

I read this short blog post yesterday: When mean girls become mommies and I thought about how it can be applied so much broader than just mommies. We all JUDGE — think about how sometimes when someone walks through the gym door or through the office halls and you immediately snap to judgement on who and what they are. We all do it – some more, some less. Do you ever think about why?

One of the things I have been told that boils my blood is Perception is Reality. I seriously think this is the biggest load of bullshit and excuses people from owning their judgement and seeing and knowing what’s going on and who a person is. I get that we all have filters that we use when we observe a situation, but it’s not unreasonable to expect people to stop and find out what’s the reality instead of just relying on their perceived reality.  It’s the easy way out and nothing worth having or experiencing comes easy. Think back to a time when someone or something surpassed your initial perception or judgement. You were glad you didn’t take things at face value and invested more time and found the value.

My friend Kimmy loves to share the story of the first time she met me – it was my first day at Boot Camp 3+ years ago. Look, I was no athlete and certainly didn’t look the part. I showed up 545A in July 2008 raring to go — with some fancy sunglasses on.  I am not ashamed to admit it – I was there to ‘workout’ and it was sunny. She thought I wasn’t going to last very long — HA!

I quickly found out that it wasn’t practical at all to be wearing Coach sunglasses and jumping all over the place. Well — what if she took her judgement of me from that experience and didn’t take the time to see who I was — well, we wouldn’t be friends today and would have missed out on some really fun times.  Just some food for thought — don’t let your initial judgement of someone cloud your ability to see the real truth.