Front Squats and Mobility

It was another metcon Workout — a Fran style workout with a bit of a twist. You would think that yesterday and today’s workouts that last under 10m would be throw aways but no way. I was totally spent at the end as was everyone else. I workout at 6A and usually there are 10-15 other athletes that show up regularly. That alone is impressive but consider that there is a 5A class and there are usually more in that one! Now that is beyond impressive —

Dynamic Range of Motion stretching
25 DUs
5 DLs
5 Hang Cleans
5 Good Mornings


OHS 73#
Pull Ups
— Double unders for a 1m each rep round.
time: 5:24

I didn’t do the full on 95# OHS today because I was sore from yesterday’s workout and I have a kink in my back. It was still heavy though. I also used a band to help with the pull ups and am starting to get the hang of kipping although I do find myself getting all mixed up and just dead hanging it. That is not really a bad thing — because it definitely will make me stronger. Coach Conan had us really work on front squats as our skill. He had us all put the barbell on our ‘shelf’ – the area where the bar can literally rest on your shoulders- and then let go of our hands and squat down. In theory, it should stay there and your hands are solely used to prevent it from falling, not to hold the weight which makes it easier to lift heavier. Your body is holding the weight not your wrists.

We finished the workout with some mobility band work which in some ways is harder than the actual workout but the end result is so worth it!

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