It’s a Monday Like day for most of us after the holiday — my kids were sluggish and slow to get up and out of the house on time this morning and it was chilly on my way to workout – which means I have to dig deeper to head out the door. Today’s workout was about strength – go heavy was the overall direction given.


10 Squats
10 Push Ups
5 Kick to Handstands
3 Dead Hang Pull ups
— Mobility work





I worked my way up to 110# and made 2 attempts with 115# but failed each time. I was so close though so I am sure it was technique more than strength! I will make it happen — with work and focus!

I want to talk about self defeating talk again because in the last 24 hours it has creeped into my own head space and that of my amazing athlete friend Lori.  First, let’s talk about my friend —

This morning as we were doing Thrusters and we hit 110#, she failed the first time but I could totally see it wasn’t because she couldn’t do it — so I said try again. She walked up to the bar and said I know I am going to have trouble with it and won’t be able to…  Guess what folks, she is right. I told her to walk away and reset her voice because most of your ability is in your mind. The Be Your Own Bodyguard seminar with Tony Blauer really drove that home for me.  You have to BELIEVE IT, WANT IT, HAVE PASSION for it. She walked away, came back ready and guess what? She lifted it. Your mind really is your best friend and worst enemy  – your choice as to which one appears.

Then there’s me with all of my negative internal talk. Scott took some pictures on Sunday of me doing some handstands —


All I could think about was how bulky my midsection looks –it was the first thing I thought of. I didn’t consider that there I am doing a handstand or a handstand on freakin’ kettlebells and how awesome that is, just that i looked fat. What the heck is wrong with me? Seriously. I am disappointed in myself for thinking that — but i’m being honest. Sigh…