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Spring is the time for Allergies


I woke up as usual this morning but had a headache and realized I am doing 12.4 – CrossFit Open workout tomorrow morning and decided to head back to bed to take an extra rest day. I was even out of bed so I definitely give myself credit!

Allergies are so bad right now in the No VA area — we didn’t have any real winter so the flowers bloomed early, no rain to wash it away is a recipe for allergy disaster!! It’s wreaking havoc on me — im exhausted, have a dull headache, just feeling off kilter. I know i am not alone!!

Natural Allergy Relief

Whether it’s the long-awaited change of winter into spring, or the quiet fading of summer into fall, for many folks the changing of the seasons means more than just vacation plans and a new wardrobe — it signals the start of seasonal allergies.

Sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, and itchy, watery, red eyes — these are just some of the symptoms that more than 35 million Americans face each year as the pollen from trees, grass, flowers, and plants makes it way into the air.

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