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Your Children Want YOU! | The Power of Moms


This is a GREAT reminder to all of us parents – trying to do it all. Stop, breathe and remember what truly counts…


Your Children Want YOU!

via Your Children Want YOU! | The Power of Moms.

There’s something deeper going on in family life than can ever be expressed on a social network. Whatever it is we feel we are lacking, can we collectively decide–as deliberate mothers–that we are not going to sit around feeling discouraged about all the things we’re not?

Can we remind each other that it is our uniqueness and love that our children long for? It is our voices. Our smiles. Our jiggly tummies. Of course we want to learn, improve, exercise, cook better, make our homes lovelier, and provide beautiful experiences for our children, but at the end of the day, our children don’t want a discouraged, stressed-out mom who is wishing she were someone else.

If you ever find yourself looking in the mirror at a woman who feels badly that she hasn’t yet made flower-shaped soap,

Squats and Fish Oil


We did a good shoulder workout today!


50 Double Unders
bear crawl
Push up
Hollow Rocks


As many rounds as possible in 12 mins of:

3 Handstand Push-ups
6 Kettlebell Swings
9 Knees-to-elbows

10 Rounds.

It Happens For A Reason


I have talked about this before but the power of self talk and believing in yourself!  This morning during our skill session, we were working on handstands. A new athlete walked up to the wall and said there is no way I can do this, right before she tried. I looked at her and pulled out my “Tony Blauer” voice and said — you are right.

If you remember, I talked about the Be Your Own BodyGuard and how you have to be mentally prepared for an attack and it’s about how you think about a situation that can seriously determine its outcome.  Stop and think about that — it rings true for almost anything.  It can certainly change how you get through situations, if not determine how it completely plays out.

A friend of mine lost their job this week unexpectedly. You can see it in her body language what a shock it is — she is still numb from it.  She worked at this place for a long time, was successful and didn’t see it coming.  That’s what Life is really. A roller coaster ride. You have ups and downs — and if you get too comfortable, life has a way of shaking things up again to keep you on guard.  I don’t know what the key is to prepare for it — just hang on with a flexible mind and fit body.

I am a firm believer in things happen for a reason. Can be to teach us a good, hard lesson or send us on a new path –

I know personally, when things are supposed to go a certain way or I am supposed to do something – it falls into place with little effort.  This has rung true for me every time there has been a big stress or life changing event in my life – moving, job change, fitness, illness, friendship, a big purchase, family.  It goes back to how you think about things — sometimes you have to let go of the thoughts that you have control of things in your life. Sometimes, you don’t.

I know my friend will be just fine — and it will turn out better than she even expected, but the hanging on and having faith part sometimes is the toughest of the journey.


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