It sure was a whirlwind weekend without any downtime but sometimes that’s a good thing. The CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course was awesome. I learned so much about how to help others learn basic movements of gymnastics but even more important to me personally, I learned about how to help myself and become aware of where in space my body is. Does that even make sense?

Your core is the central part of any movement — no matter if it’s olympic lifting or running. It gives you strength, power and stability. Without those elements, you aren’t at your best. Plain and simple.

I can already notice a difference in it after this morning’s workout –I was constantly aware of how engaged my core was and I definitely saw an improvement in my technique. The course was also a ton of fun – lots of new people to meet, with the same passion as me.

Another thing I loved –seeing other strong women. Women who do not look like the fashion models, but look similar to me! There is something to be said about being in a room with a bunch of strong, inspiring chicks and feel like you belong. Strong, muscular and amazing people!

We worked on everything from ring work on the rig to handstands on the floor. I can’t wait to start incorporating a lot of that stuff within the workouts and in my own training. I always feel so darn inspired after going to some sort of training that aligns with my own interests! Love It!

Today’s workout really sucked — in a CrossFit suck kind of way.  Anything that asks for 5 rounds or more… usually does! The workout name was called “32 Hokies” in honor of those that lost their lives during the Virginia Tech Tragedy April 16, 2007. So, in other words – it is supposed to suck.

800m jog
5 Handstands
5 cobras

Squat Clean & Jerk

“32 Hokies”

7 rounds for time of:
4 Squat Clean & Jerks (135/95#)
16 Deadlifts (135/95#)
32 Double Unders

Time: 19:43

I scaled this one weight wise at 65# & did 94 single jumps instead of DUs. I am still having remnants of this chest cold, and it was hot and humid this morning which makes it even harder to breathe. Even with the scaling, this workout was hard as hell.

I think I forgot to post Friday’s workout here — and I like to have the record of what i have done. So here goes it…

Kettle Bell Nancy

5 Rounds For Time

40 Russian Swings 1 Pood (35#)
16 KB OHS (8 ea arm) 25#

14 mins 12 secs | Not Rx’d