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Benefits of Being Friendly and Outgoing


I have been told that I’m so friendly that I could make friends with a rock. I also have been told that I’m a good party guest because even if I don’t know anyone, I will get along with people… I take great pride in both of those comments and for being friendly and outgoing.

For me, I know that when I am the new person or unsure of something, it always helps to see a smiling friendly face or someone willing to put themselves out there by offering their hand. Also, I have found that being friendly has many benefits that count..

  1. You receive good Kharma points– we all have heard you get back what you put into this world – Believe it.
  2. You meet the most interesting people. – I have had the pleasure of meeting amazing, diverse people just by being nice.
  3. You learn a ton – You know those people you meet?  They have a breadth of experience and for the most part, will be happy to share their wisdom with you so you can learn.
  4. You have Fun! – Who doesn’t need more fun in their lives?
  5. You can have a meaningful impact in someone else’s life –  No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. That person you just met could have had the worst possible day and really needed that smile or encouragement.
  6. You stand out in a good way – People remember you. It is what differentiates you from the crowd, in a good way! When someone needs information or some help, they will think of you. This is especially helpful at work. Keeps you in the know!
  7. You feel good. – Think about how great you feel after you have helped someone out or met a really cool person. It’s energizing!
  8. Health Benefits – People with a sunnier disposition tend to be healthier and live longer. This quality of knowing how to be positive is something found in every longevity society.
  9. You can get unexpected benefits! – I have been able to go on tours of gov’t buildings that most people don’t get to see. I have been to concerts, shows, sports games, been given thoughtful gifts, hugs, projects, free meals, swag… You name it. All because I was nice and friendly. No one will go out of their way for you, if you don’t put yourself out there.

I was acknowledged yesterday by the department for being the most outgoing person in my department. So, it’s official friends — I can really make friends with a rock. Meet Sam…


The Silver Fox


14 years ago today – I was in Vegas marrying my Silver Fox! The best and luckiest day of my life…

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