I have spoken about this before — we all will not fit the mold of that supermodel. Be aware & sensitive to emotions and feelings that may go along with your words…

So, you say I “look big”? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

One of my CrossFit classmates told me that at a recent family party, one relative inquired if she was “putting on weight,” and another told her her arms looked “too big.” This reminded me of another girl I used to work out with. Her aunt had the audacity to call her fat, and one of her tennis opponents sized up her arms and asked if she was on steroids.

What the hell is wrong with people?

Both of the women I mentioned above are passionate about fitness, extremely dedicated to their training and hella strong in their own ways. They’re exactly the kind of gals you want in your class because their strength and intensity makes you step up your game.

But they’re human, so when they hear comments like that from clueless jerks who have no idea that they can backsquat a freaking car or deadlift twice their body weight or run circles around anyone and everyone in the gym, they feel bad. They get discouraged. They start doubting themselves and all the work they’ve put in to get stronger.