My abs are really sore from Saturday’s workout. We did groups of 3 – broad jump burpees, wall ball shots, and sit ups. And I have mentioned that my sit-ups are quite good. It’s a strong suit of mine but the last day or so, man oh man. Abs of steel here we come.  I mentioned those Abs of Steel videos from the 80s-90s. Do you remember that series?

I laugh at this entire series now –because I don’t think during the entire series, nutrition and diet was mentioned. You can not get ABs of Steel without altering your nutrition. It’s not possible! All of those people buying these videos (they were on VHS) and thinking they had a chance to get abs like the ones pictures. I was one of them — thinking that the 5-10 minute ab workout was going to help me win the battle. Boy, what I know now —  I laugh at these now.

It was tough to get out of bed this AM. It was raining and as I mentioned, I’m sore and it’s that time of the month. I am not running on all cylinders, that’s for sure!! But i got up, and went and had a great time.

800m jog
10 push ups
25ft Inch worms
25ft bear crawl
5 Hand Stand holds

Press Series


Push Press
Press and Jerk

I cleaned up to 105# —