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School Lunches: We can do Better!


I make my kids’ lunches almost every day — Nate is gluten free so it’s almost a no choice issue if I want to ensure he eats properly and Hannah – is a picky eater and prefers what I put in her lunch on most days. I have attempted to eat the school cafeteria and what they call ‘salad’ is shameful —

Nine-year-old’s lunch blog shames school into making changes

Martha Payne had some sad-ass lunches at her school in Scotland — unsatisfying food that sometimes had more hair than vegetables. So the 9-year-old decided to start a blog with photos and vital statistics about her meals. Almost immediately, the blog got international attention, including from prominent school lunch busybody Jamie Oliver. Result? Martha’s dad just met with the local council, and it announced that kids could have unlimited salad, fruit, and bread.

For each of her lunches, Martha rated taste, healthiness, and pieces of hair (usually zero but not always). But she only managed five ratings before the media attention started making the school self-conscious:

Myth: Women Shouldn’t Focus on Strength Training


A friend of mine posted something yesterday on Facebook that really struck me and made me go — yeah that is totally true! She said she was in the gym and noticed how there were 20 women furiously doing cardio & maybe 1 or 2 in the weight room. She said she wants to change that. I am so happy that CrossFit and other strength and conditioning programs ARE changing that.

Welcoming more women into the strength training club and proving that if you lift weights, you won’t bulk up and be a She-man.  This pic is one of my dear friends — she is 5’9 and can lift a lot of weight –she is in no way bulky. We did box back squats today and stopped at 195# before we ran out of time.  You get stronger and are able to do more when you do strength training. 30m on a treadmill or elliptical won’t get you stronger. If your goal is to slim down and be “summer” ready and you only focusing on cardio and abs, you most likely aren’t going to get there quickly and have any sort of staying power if you stop doing cardio and abs.  It does work for some — but to be in better physical shape and be fit, it’s the way to go!

Watch ESPN when they show the CrossFit Games Women’s competition. You will see all types of bodies — and yes, some are bulkier than you personally would like to see on you. But as I have said in the past –you can’t escape genetics or maybe that’s the look they wanted but there is no risk of you bulking up if you lift heavy. Promise!

1 Lap Jog

10 pass thrus
10 squats

10 push ups
10 Good Mornings
10 OHS

— Pull Up Progressions – we will get everyone doing Dead Hangs soon!!

Back Squat


Box Back Squat

12 sets of 3 reps
30-60 sec rest betweem sets

ended at #195 (ran out of time)

Tabata Situps

112 total (13 reps being my lowest rep count)

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