HealthWatch: Plenty Of Options When Cooking For Caveman Diet

Just because you eat like a caveman, doesn’t mean you’re stuck gnawing on bones, nuts and twigs. Cooking for the Paleo Diet can include quite a tasty variety of foods.

Switching to a Paleo Diet means cutting out a lot of carbs, salts and processed foods and loading up on veggies, fruits, nuts and proteins.

HealthWatch: New Documentary Highlights Health Benefits Of ‘Paleo Diet’

A new documentary film looks at how one man’s near-death experience caused him to reexamine his diet, and return to ancestral eating habits.

Hunt’s dietary conversion led him, in turn, to an around-the-world investigation of the “caveman diet.” His journey is chronicled in the new documentary film, “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet.”

For the film, Hunt interviewed anthropologists, archeologists, authors, and top scientists to piece together a cohesive explanation of the science behind this way of eating.

He went to a dig site in the south of France to see what has been learned from the bones. Hunt found that, while our caveman ancestors were big and strong, once humans began to cultivate grains there was a change for the worse.

“This is when we dropped 4-6 inches in height,” he said. “This is when we got weak and brittle bones. This is when we got rotting around the orbits of our eyes and dental caries.”

Hunt said the introduction of grains fueled brand new diseases, adding “it was not good for our bodies. Tt was the wrong fuel and we paid a big price.”