It’s always tough to return from a great trip away. It’s even harder when you spend your time with the people that know you best – your family. It was such a lovely time and to see my big brother Jon so happy and in love with his bride, Kristin was beyond awesome! Kristin¬†is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet and to see her with my kids, playing and making them feel special, was more than i could ask for.

i am processing all the pics and will share some when they are ready. One thing i can tell you, people said I have never looked better. That is healthy and fit living for sure and it felt good to see all the work i have done paid off.

We got home really late last night and I swear I tried to get up early but it wasn’t going to happen, so I hit the 930a class instead.


suicides x 3
bear crawls
broad jumps


tabata sprints


30 snatches (53#)

2;52 time

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