my dear friend kim was at the 5a workout this morning, but before she headed out she posted how tired she was but why she gets up and does what she does in the AM.  Included was the quote: because i refuse to accept mediocrity from myself or others.  Sometimes that’s all it takes, a simple reminder of the reasons you made this commitment or a confirmation of the commitment. 

During my trip to San Fran this past week, I heard from quite a few people about how healthy i look. These were people close to me so they were not just giving me false compliments. They have seen me at various stages of my life, so to hear those sentiments from them where i am in my life right now, means a lot. If you think#crossfit & #paleo don’t work, think again. i credit both with my transformation and the hard work I put in day after day.

The people around me also refuse to accept less from themselves and me and i like it that way. keeps me on my toes and honest about what i am doing.

Today’s workout was about the deadlift. It’s my favorite lift!!


  • droms
  • partner warmup
    • junkyard dogs
    • over/under
  • 800m run


2m max push ups

what is a junkyard dog and over/under you ask? these were new to me but really fun. with you partner sitting on the floor, legs straight out and arms out to the sides – you jump over each arm and over the legs going around the partner. we took turns doing it 5x.

over under is your partner gets on all fours and you jump over them, then they go into a downward dog like pose & you crawl through them. we did this 5x each as well.

yeah super fun, different and spices things up! Here’s a video to show you…