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NPR: The Paleo Movement


The Paleo Diet Moves From The Gym To The Doctor’s Office

By now the paleo diet and lifestyle has inched from the fringe a little closer to the mainstream, thanks to some very passionate followers sold on the notion that our Paleolithic hunter-gatherer ancestors avoided modern day ailments like obesity and diabetes because they ate what some consider an “ideal” diet of meat, fruit and vegetables.

Maybe you’ve met paleo dieters through CrossFit, or seen them organizing MeetUpsonline, and been amazed that they’ve managed to swear off sugar, dairy, grains and beans.

But the paleo way is now moving beyond the gym and Web to an entirely new space — the doctor’s office. There the somewhat amorphous idea of “evolutionary medicine” is taking shape.


One of the founders of the paleo movement, Loren Cordain, a professor at Colorado State University with a doctorate in exercise science, is the author of a must-read book for paleo followers, The Paleo Diet. Recently, he co-founded the Paleo Physicians Network. Its goal: connect consumers with “medical professionals who practice Darwinian/Evolutionary Medicine.” The network lists hundreds of them around the country (53 in California alone).

Except there’s a small problem, according to one of the people who helped coin the term evolutionary medicine: No one actually practices evolutionary medicine because it’s only a theory.

Front Squats


Front squats were on the agenda this am. Front squats seem to be one lift people dont like. Its a hard one for sure. One of my friends Kath said she hates front squats – and when she saw them listed on the WOD today, she forced herself to come. She gets that the things you hate are the things you need to work on most.

800m run
duck walks

Front squat


Front Squat

I stopped at 150 which is actually 5# below my PR  — but I didnt know that. A part of me wants to go back at it and do it again.. and I may do that on Sunday. Who knows….

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