This someecard cracks me up but yet is so true. I’m sure that many of the Moms out there can totally relate — there are so many times that I feel like I am not doing my job as a Mom, not living up to the expectations I have for what my role should be. The reality is that there is not enough hours in the day, nor enough mental capacity for me to keep track of everything that is going on in the course of a day in my life. When I forget this simple fact, i get loaded down with a case of Mommy Guilt.

Mommy Guilt is that feeling you get when you think you have let your kid down or forgotten something that directly impacts them. What makes is worse is if it is noticeable by other kids and/or their parents.  I had a case of it a few weeks back —

HB had the Girl Scouts Rock The Mall event in DC with her GS Troop. She had to meet the troop at a certain time all ready to go. We had just gotten back from San Fran earlier in the week — suitcases were still full, house was a mess — so just disorganized and out of our routine.  CrossFit for Hope was the same day – so I had to get my act together as well.  So that set the stage for something to be forgotten of course.  It was —- Hannah’s packed lunch. I didn’t even come close to remembering she needed one.  The troop leaders did send out a list of stuff the girls’ needed, so it was on no one’s shoulders but my own (oh and Scotts!).

After my CrossFit event, I called home and was greeted with “um, you didn’t pack HB her lunch and one of the GS moms bought her a sandwich and lunch.” Boy did I feel bad — how could I have done that? HB must have been upset. What do the GS moms think of me? I feel bad and embarrassed that I inconvenienced another Mom… All thoughts that went through my head while we walked to the nearest Metro stop in DC.  Over and over again — feeling bad, guilty about me not doing my job to prepare her for her event. Also thinking about how upset HB must have been…

My friend Kim finally said to me — look, it happens. HB is not going to starve. She got something to eat and she is fine. it is a good life lessson. Sometimes Mom forgets things or things don’t always go as planned but still can work out OK. Moms can’t do it all — sometimes other people have to step in and help. 

Kim is and was totally right! It was just what I needed to be reminded about. You know – I’m not perfect, no one is. Kids need to learn to adapt and get along just fine with stuff like this. It happens when they are young and it will happen more as they get older and out in the real world. Having everything planned and taken care of for them just isn’t going to happen on a regular basis when they head out into the cold harsh world of reality.  So – my case of Mommy Guilt subsided and I was able to enjoy a well earned cold beverage to celebrate our CrossFit for Hope workout. It was helping St. Judes afterall….

Oh – and when I got home, Hannah was fine. She didn’t even think it was a big deal! I emailed the GS Mom who bought HB lunch to thank her and offer to pay her back. She told me no worries, no need to pay her back — I would have done the same for her daughter and that’s the truth. That’s what we do — It takes a village!

Today’s workout

800m job
10 Pass Thrus

10 Air Squats
5 OH Squats
5  back Squats
10 Good mornings

10 Kick to Handstands
5 Pull Ups (strict)

Back Squat

Back Squat 70% 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3

Pushup Circle