Run Faster to Get Better

My friend Lidia is headed to the CF Games again — I did a write up on her to highlight how amazing she is for

Today’s workout was brutal. Sprints and Dead Lifts together?

What is the coach crazy? It was hard……….and I ended up doing 5 rounds with 135# deadlifts. Yeah — I am so not a fan of running. Exactly why I need to run more. The things that are the most challenging are the things we need to put effort and focus on.  So, as much as I dislike it – I will make it a goal to run more. Run, Forest, Run!

Scott has a dr appointment tomorrow with his GI dr. It’s a routine colonoscopy dr appointment before his actual one but it still makes me nervous. I will be beyond happy when we hit year 5 and can really feel free enough to breathe normally. Year 5 is a mere year away and we can say Scott is completely cured from colon cancer.

Remember, I am talking about the actual cancer, not the mental and physical changes that it and the treatment to get rid of it caused.  But, the alternative was not an option!

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