Month: July 2012

CrossFit: Because there are better reasons than looking good in a bikini at stake…

So about a year ago, I did Nancy and went really light. Today, we did Nancy and just felt off again –so went 55# instead of 65#.  Running is not one of the best joys of my life and Nancy has 5 rounds of 400m. I more »

Rethinking Cancer: What it means for healthcare

Rethinking cancer New studies show that aggressive measures aren’t always best. What does this mean for healthcare? This year, several more such studies have been released. In the spring, the preventive services task force was back with a recommendation that a common test for prostate cancer be more »

CrossFit Chicks: Gretchen Kittelberger

I love this pic.  Gretchen is a strong, amazing athlete and I have talked about her before. I am so inspired by her regularly. How amazing does she look in this picture — strong, determined, focused, bad ass.  Here is a link to her CrossFit bio as more »

Combatives Camp with Tony Blauer

This coming weekend I will be attending the Combatives Camp with Tony Blauer Aug 4-5 at CrossFit Rubicon. I’m really excited to learn and meet all the amazing, inspiring people that are coming and not just the ‘special’ guests. The CrossFit community is comprised of amazing, more »

Hanging with Some Wimpy Kids

Today we went and saw the new Wimpy Kid Movie before it’s released in the theaters thanks to a connection through CrossFit. The people I get to meet and become friends with spans far and wide! It was such a cute movie. It reminded me more »

Leadership and Communication

I have been thinking about team work and how to manage people in general. I’m not talking about being a boss and having to direct and mentor people. It’s the day to day, working with people, sharing experiences with people, creating something with others that more »

London 2012: Lose Yourself In The Moment

In honor of the Olympics —   one shot, one opportunity, one moment — Lose Yourself in the Moment

When Life is Stressful: EXERCISE

I headed to CrossFit last night to coach the CF Kids classes we offer. We have classes for the younger set of kids and the tween/teens. I love working with kids of all ages,but I really love working with the teens.  They are really into more »

Learn About Adrenal Failure

I’m happy it’s a rest day. I am sore from yesterday’s Ouch workout and have been really busy at work — lots of stress makes for a worn out Steph. It seems like things in my life are moving at such a fast pace, and more »

The Tabata Method

First off I have to share the story of Tiffany, a CrossFit athlete who came to our gym a non-believer — and has a story like so many people out there. Success Story: CFI Athlete Tiffany C. …Always been overweight. For as long as I more »