Today I was the coach for the Community Workout and it was so hot. I created a really good, challenging low skill WOD that even the hard core athletes seemed to like how bad it sucked.

I started off doing the Dutch Lowy warmup. Here’s a video of all he does —

It’s a really good comprehensive warmup and I think some of the small nuances of the moves really made a difference. For example, doing the cobra and making sure to look left/right/up really does make a difference. A Good Difference.

Then we did the WOD:
3 Rounds
1m each station
1m rest between rounds

  • hand release burpees
  • grasshoppers
  • squats
  • 100m plate carry
  • ground to OH with plates

It was tough mainly because it was so hot out there — needless to say, there were a ton of sweaty folks at the end of it.

The box then had a Cookout/Potluck. I made the Sweet Potato Salad and it was delish!  I recommend it to anyone!