Did I really forget to post yesterday? My life has gotten so busy this week that I even my sister Dee mentioned it and how I am getting overextended like my Mom is famous for doing! Now that’s not necessarily a compliment!!

With the CrossFit Games going on, a lot of our coaches are out of town helping out. I am trying to be the team player and helping them out by coaching some classes. It makes for a very long day for me because as we all know –it’s not my full time day job.

I took a rest day yesterday because I am still feeling those deadlifts. I didn’t hurt my back, but I can definitely feel the work I did on Sunday and Tuesday. I am going to try to get some sort of workout in this AM but with me coaching and then having to work — it may prove difficult. We shall see….

Here’s an interesting article about households with cats or dogs helping babies. ¬†Gotta love your pets!!

Researchers say infants in houses with dogs and cats get fewer runny noses, coughs and ear infections.

Dogs and cats help babies’ health, study finds