Crossing Your Rubicon

Today is a rest day for me but  I did coach some great athletes today at the box. One of the guys that was there today told me a story that I thought was so relevant that I wanted to share it —

The story of the Cesar crossing the Rubicon

The Rubicon was a stream separating Cisalpine Gaul from Italy. When Julius Caesar led his troops from Gaul to the Rubicon, Caesar paused on the northern end of the bridge debating whether to cross or not. It would be a crime against Rome for proconsul Caesar to bring his troops in from the province, but if he didn’t, he would be stripped of command and prosecuted. Although he hesitated, Caesar did cross the Rubicon, in January 49 B.C., thereby starting a civil war.
To cross the Rubicon means to take an irrevocable step that commits one to a specific course.

When I heard that story and the fact that Cesar crossed the Rubicon was such a decisive moment for him, it really was a parallel for the moment when you decide that your health and wellness is a priority. You commit and go all in to make it happen. You cross your own Rubicon…

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