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Another Milestone for My HB


Free Your Mind & The Rest Will Follow


I thought I was raring to go this AM -and I was. It was front squats and I like lifting days. The thing about lifting you have to keep in mind — really the thing about that one hour you set aside to get fit — is that you have to clear your mind. Once you start letting the chaos and business of your day get in your head, it can throw your entire workout off.  My last round, we were running late – Hannah has an ortho appointment today. She also is starting a new camp today. I saw the time, started thinking about all I had to do. Guess what?  My lift was affected. I got through four rounds, that fifth round – my inner voice said you are done. you don’t want to do this anymore. you have so much to do. I tried to do one lift, did i but just didn’t have any more left mentally, I dropped the bar and said I’m done — and said my goodbyes and had to leave. Sometimes you have to know when to fold em… Like En Vogue sings about– Free Your Mind; The Rest Will Follow

1 lap jog
bound/jog 2x

Front squats


ME Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5

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