Swim Lanes

I’m feeling about 80% like myself — and of course that means I go workout. Does it mean I should have gone –shrug! Along with being sick, I am going through a lot of self evaluation right now and not sure if that’s what is depressing me. I haven’t felt this down in a long time without a known cause. There is nothing blatantly wrong with my life –in fact things are going pretty well — and I have too much work to do. Maybe that’s it. Not enough quiet time to be with my thoughts, to be alone, to figure out decisions. I seem to always say to myself – next week it will be better but then it comes, and I am just as busy as the week before.  There comes a time when you need to look at it all and realize that even though it’s all good, you can’t do it all. You accept you aren’t superwoman, you can’t take on the world, and you can’t change some things that are getting in your way. What do you do?  You sit alone and get quiet and the answers should come — now to find some alone time, that’s another story.


About a year or so ago, my friend and coach Conan and I talked about managing things in your life — and the theory of lanes.  It really helped me see things for what they are and give myself permission to let go of some of the stuff I put on my own plate at my own hand. The theory is that we each have lanes we are responsible for in life, at work, at home — other people have their lanes. Sometimes you want to help someone in another lane and they aren’t doing it the way you would do it or the way you think is right. Well in the end, it’s their lane and they are on the hook for whatever happens in that lane. It’s nice that you want to help or offer advice, but in the end if it blows up — no one will look to you and blame you because it’s not your lane.  If you want to offer help or advice, it’s because you want to but it’s not because you are expected too. And sometimes, as hard as it is, you have to back off and let the person swim in their own lane, alone.  They don’t want your help or advice –and that’s that. Learn when to walk away.

I am revisiting that approach this week — because sometimes I forget and start to get stressed out about things going on around me.  It’s probably part of why I am so stressed out and I have to remember — it’s not my lane. Will it blow up without me and my help? Maybe yes, maybe no –but either way it’s not my lane. I’m going to go take a swim in my lane now…

Pull Up Progression
Double Under Practice
10 Pass Thrus
10 Squats

Hang Clean
Push Press



  • 200m Run
  • 7 Hang Clean
  • 7 Push Press

total: 6  

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