I’m feeling better! Yeah!  I do however have a very tight muscle in the crux of my back and my triceps hurt.  I am going to do some mobility this weekend to see if it loosens it up.  And today we did Dead Lifts! I love Dead Lifts!

I need to remind myself to be kind and really consider someone’s intentions before starting to get upset at some actions of others.. Sometimes when you are really stressed out, all the things you need to work on come out in force.  My friend, Lani is really good at not sweating the small stuff — I am trying to emulate her and find inspiration and guidance in her actions.  Redefining yourself is hard work –and you constantly have to work on it. It’s like doing laundry, never ending…

Double Unders (it was pouring rain)




Tabata situps: 13 (lowest reps during any round)


I’m craving a bagel. My daughter is toasting a cinnamon raisin bagel and man it smells good!