AMRAPs are Cray!

Yesterday during coaching, I somehow strained my tricep. I must have pulled a muscle because it really hurts.  So no ego here –I scaled back the workout this AM so I could do it without putting a huge strain on my arms.

If you are interested, I posted an updated progression picture. It’s been a while since I posted an actual picture of me, my abs and all. I can tell that I haven’t been strictly following the plan and see a pounds around the middle. I am going to gear up for another Whole Life Challenge and need to get in the zone myself and start living what I talk about better. It’s so easy to get off track.  I am going to focus this week on getting back into the mindset I need to go the distance. I have been grumpy and down overall and it’s showing up in my diet and performance.

600m jog
pull up progressions (6 dead hangs)
bear crawl
walking lunges
crab walk



4 Dead hang pull ups
8 Thrusters
12 Jumping Lunges

Total: 9

Because my arm is hurting, I went with a 45lb bar. But I did do most of the dead hang pull ups, and switched to a band to help for the last half.

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