Let’s talk about Aspirin- a sexy topic for sure! One of the things Scott’s Oncologist, Dr. Marshall instructed him to take daily is aspirin, a baby aspirin. Based on studies, taking a daily dose of aspirin reduces the risk of dying from cancer. And even though it’s not a huge reduction, any reduction is good with me! I’m telling you, fish oil, aspirin, and squats are the keys to life!

Daily Aspirin May Reduce Risk of Cancer Death

Aspirin and Cancer Risk: Study Details

Jacobs analyzed information from more than 100,000 people enrolled in a cancer prevention study. The men and women, mostly white and older than age 60 in 1997, reported their aspirin use over time.

Nearly 24% reported daily aspirin use in 1997. They were followed for up to 11 years.

All who reported taking daily aspirin for any amount of time had the 16% risk reduction, he found.

Most of the reduced risk was found for colorectal, stomach, and esophageal cancers. The evidence for aspirin’s benefit is strongest for those cancers, he says.

As for the discrepancy between studies, Jacob says that “it just shows there is still considerable uncertainty about how much daily aspirin would help.”