I was talking to Coach Jerry this AM about my re commitment to being more mindful of what I am eating and see if It moves the needle. He said something that struck me — he asked me how many nuts i eat on a given day. I think that may be the key! I eat too many almonds and am getting way too much fat in my diet. Because the quality of the food I eat is pretty sound –and exercise, check – got that under control to say the least! So I definitely think that may be they key –starting yesterday, I am being ultra conscience of what I am eating and not deviating from the Paleo plan. Let’s see how that works!

I am a tight/pulled muscle in my upper back/neck area that reminds me its there any time I do overhead exercises. So today’s Push Press was a great reminder. I have to go get a massage to the kink out because someday it will not just be a pulled/tight muscle.  Staying healthy is key!


Pull Up Progressions
800m run

Push Press


  • Push Press – failed at 115# although I have done that before. The pesky muscle strain was in the way today!
  • Max Situps 2m -76! My abs should be feeling that later!