Show Up, Move and Be Open to New Ideas

Remembering my school years

Late last week I saw some news on Facebook that kind of threw me for a loop — one of my High School gym teachers, Ms Buinno passed away.  If you know me, you know I wasn’t particularly into gym or sports, so I wouldn’t say that I necessarily looked up to her or created poignant moments with her but something about mentally going back to my childhood and remembering some of the classes and times spent with her knocked me down for a bit.

I remember trying to give a go at basketball in middle school and she was the coach — I was awful, but had a lot of heart. One of the final games of the season, she put me in and I got fouled and went to the free throw line — and made a shot! I ended the season with 1 point scored.  I also remember vividly letting out a very high pitched squeal as I took that shot and remembering someone telling me that was like nails on a chalkboard to Ms. Buinno. HA! The things we remember — but I was so stoked I got that shot!

Remembering the bits of your childhood and the fact that they happened so long ago — reminds us that time is flying right before your eyes.  High School seems like a world ago, but yet it doesn’t and to find out that people that at one time were your world are gone from this world, well just makes the time we do have even more precious. Does that make sense?

She certainly left her mark & changed many lives throughout the years teaching in the Cranford, NJ Public School system –and that alone is worth more than most people experience in their lifetimes.  Rest in peace, Ms. Buinno.

And man, I am getting old. I just don’t see myself as middle aged — and I think CrossFit has a lot to do with my sense of youth. I don’t look my age, many of my friend athletes are younger — I am open to adventures. I wish more women and guys in their 40s would get off their butts and get moving. That’s all it takes –show up and we will do the rest!  There is a new athlete named Rosa who joined last week. She has a story like so many out there — used to be athletic in her younger years and now wants to reclaim it.  She’s a larger lady and her focus right now is to show up and MOVE! Doesn’t matter if she can’t get in a full squat or use weight on a bar — it’s that she is moving!

She has the best attitude and is open to trying new things — you can’t show up and let your fears and hangups stop you either. We are her biggest supporters and champions too.  I read this article yesterday: Send this to your Mother. A 60+ Mom who discovered CrossFit through her daughter. The best part of this article iswhen she says she’s no star at CrossFit, but that’s not the point!  And that isn’t the point — just MOVE and Be Open to trying something new. That attitude will help you in so many other aspects of your life. There is no excuse good enough to stop you from doing what you can do! It’s a mental game –conquer that and you can’t and won’t be stopped!!

Today’s workout was the kind that makes you just question if you want to even show up but you know me and the rest of the dedicated/crazy CrossFitters — that doesnt stop us. It wasn’t as bad as it looked although I am sure I will regret saying that later today.

800m jog
10 Pass thrus
10 Good Mornings

Front Squat


  • 50 sit ups
  • tabata front squats
  • 50 pull ups

Honest: I didn’t really look at the clock during the sit ups or pull ups but I know total I took 12:25 — and we know Tabatas are 4m, and situps are my thang — so I am going to say I did 50 pulls up in 7:25 all RX –no band. I am not going back to a band people!  If I keep using a band, I will be getting better at using a band!  I would rather take longer but get stronger and that’s what I keep telling myself when I find my mind wandering and noticing that others are done before me. I am not going back to the band! I no longer need it!! Whoo hoo. I have waitied a long freakin’ time to say that!!

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