Memories are Limited when we are Unhealthy

I don’t know if you can see this but if you enlarge it — notice how excited this person was at the great deals she was able to get using coupons! Then notice the crap food she bought — mostly processed food which almost every ‘expert’ – no matter what doctor or diet you are on – tells you to stay away from. Its a great example of what’s wrong with people and why people are so overweight and unhealthy!

There is nothing wrong with this person – she is doing what she knows and most of the country knows this same information of what to eat. It’s BAD information!

And one of my friends posted this the other morning as she waited for her flight — her caption is dead on.

We are getting FATTER and Unhealthier

There is a real problem with our society and their habits. We all know habits are tough to change but this one affects us all! Healthcare costs, family member health, cancer, creating memories with the people we love! All of these are affected by people’s health habits. Think about it —


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