Working Wounded Games: Nov 10 2012 at CrossFit Rubicon

I feel better this morning. Rest days can do wonders for your body. Don’t ever underestimate how important rest days are in your overall fitness plan. I am not talking about sitting around doing nothing and eating crap. Just that you don’t do a hard core workout –do some mobility, yoga, a run, just not something to taxing on your body. It needs time to renew and repair so you can get stronger.  Want some mobility ideas? Visit

Also I found this really good How to Foam Roll Infographic. Foam Rollers are super great and go along with using a LAX Ball! 


The first CrossFit competition designed for amputees and severely wounded veterans.

A great event where you will definitely get Inspired and you can lend your support for the Working Wounded Games on 11/10 –  at CrossFit Rubicon in Tysons Corner, VA.

Plan to attend or offer your monetary support to help keep programs like this up and running.  I will be there cheering them all on!

This photo was taken by me at CrossFit Rubicon. CF Rubicon has taken the lead and created a program specifically geared towards amputees called Real World Six that centers around sport and community. I have seen some of these athletes at work and there are no words for how inspired you feel once you see how bad ass they are.

Show your support if you can! It’s Games and programs like this that really make CrossFit special and different from the other guys.


  • 800m run
  • 2x
  • 2 handstand walks into a bear crawl
  • 10 pass thrus
  • mobility


  • Push Press


Push Press
105# – Stayed away from max # bc of tweaked neck/shoulder area.


Tabata Sit Ups 

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