Mobility is Important in your CrossFit Training!

Myofascial Release 

Let’s talk about mobility and how important it is to being and staying well. Today, I coached the 6A class and as a part of their warmup, I had them grab the good ole ball of pain and roll out their shoulders and back. This sort of muscle work is called Myofascial release. And its something you should do as much as possible! Trust me, it may hurt but if you do it enough, it won’t hurt as much and you feel so much better when you are done!

From Zen to Fitness:

Tight muscles can cause extreme pain and we are all susceptible to them – especially around the neck, shoulders and lower back area. Myofascial release is a form of soft tissue therapy which works to release contracted muscles and improve blood flow to the area. A large portion of back, neck and shoulder pain is caused by muscles which have seized up and are causing discomfort by either putting pressure on a nerve or just giving us a constant feeling of stiffness.

This is where myofascial release comes in – with simple methods you can learn to release these muscles and be free of pain. It can also be used preventively to keep muscles loose and supple. Athletes can find myofascial release methods especially useful as they are more prone to muscles tightening up and causing pain which can easily be prevented or released using simple soft tissue release methods.

In addition to using a lacrosse ball, you can also use a foam roller and bands. I have mentioned Kelly Starrett before and his site. It’s an amazing resource and he recommends the following six mobility moves below to focus on to really help improve your range of motion. CrossFit 604 recommends some moves based on Kelly S. approach as well.


Last week I shared a how to use a foam roller on my Pinterest board — try incorporating mobility work in your daily routine to help improve your circulation, to manage pain, and to help your flexibility and mobility. It may be a tough pill to swallow while you are doing the actual work, but the benefits are totally worth it.

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