Attention Lady Weightlifters – Here’s some info you need to know

Strength and Conditioning for Women

10 Things New Women Weightlifters Should Know

Most women out there are not taught to embrace strength and conditioning exercises. Once you learn to love it and embrace how strong and fit it will make you – it will rock your world.  Your body shape changes and they just don’t make a lot of clothes for women who are strong and fit. Lats are not a friend of side zippered dresses — that I know from personal experience.  I love this particular paragraph — so true…

Your cute skinny jeans aren’t going to fit anymore. Your body is going to change. You are going to build muscles, develop traps and back muscles. Your legs are going to get big. This doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy and feminine. There is a big misconception that lifting will make girls manly. I don’t agree—many of our top weightlifters in this country are beautiful and sexy! You just have to know that you’re going to have to give up the Kate Moss look and recognize your ass is going to be like JLo’s and your quads are not going to squeeze into skinny jeans anymore. You’re going to start living in your Lulus and want to wear jeans less and less. You see, you’re going to have to move from a size 27 to a size 31, simply so your ass and legs can fit. Then you are going to have 4 extra inches of waist just hanging out all loose and poking out above your butt because your waist will likely still be pre-lifting small. You will have to wear long shirts; otherwise when you sit down everyone will see your butt crack as the jeans ride half way down your ass. This will happen. Just accept it now. But despite your problems with finding jeans, you can still wear high heels and dresses and look hot. You will have a nice ass and quads and a sexy back—flaunt that shit!

I love lifting and how strong it has made me. Read the rest of this post — lots of good info for the ladies who are just starting to lift…

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