Amazing Teachable Moment: News Anchor Takes on A Bully

Have you read this story about a News Anchor who had an On-Air Message for a Viewer Who Called Her Fat. It’s really a powerful story and a shocking example of how mean people can be when they are hidden behind the mask of the internet.  I really admire newscaster, Jennifer Livingston, who took the issue head on and turned it into one of those amazing teachable moments for everyone to see.  Many people can probably relate to her struggle but are thankful they are not in the public eye out there for all to see and judge.

She turns this incident into a story about being kind to one another and offering words to help and encourage not belittle and guilt.  I think its also very worthwhile to mention that as parents we need to teach our kids to be kind. We, ourselves, need to lead by example and be kind to those around us and never, ever accept less from our kids.

The reality is there are many factors at play that cause people to get fatter and drift further into the unhealthy domain.  Education about food choices, economical issues, fast paced lives, addictions, emotional issues, cultures — all of it goes into play as to why people eat and live the way they do. We all know that saying to someone – lose weight is not helpful. Even the richest people in America, like Oprah, have weight related issues and usually have access to every possible support imaginable.  It is not kind nor helpful to just point out, ridicule, belittle and berate the obese — showing compassion and lending a hand can do so much more.

It’s also Bully Prevention Awareness Month and bullying can take many different forms — we all can remember in school people picking on the chubby kids. It doesn’t stop just because we grow up.  Remember the golden rule –treat others the way you want to be treated and chances are that’s with kindness, understanding and good intentions!

gretchen k by tai randall

My hands are still in rough shape from all of the pull ups on Friday and Monday so grasping the handles of anything the past few days has been tough to put it mildly. I have been treating them based on the method read about in the Tabata Times: with lots of neosporin! They hurt like hell but definitely are healing.

800m jog
pull up progressions
mobility work on hips

KB Swings


  • 100 m Run
  • 10 Kettlebell Swings 1pood
  • 10 Sit-up (abmat)s


We all know how much I love me some running. NOT. Even 100m seems harsh to me and slows me down but notice that didnt stop me. I still showed up and pushed on through. But even as much as I dislike running, the point is it’s still an amazing & great way to start my day!

(picture is of the amazing Gretchen Kittleberger by Tai Randall

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