Renew, Reflect and Refresh!

I almost took the morning off but I realized that I may not get to workout tomorrow and will be heading off on a biz trip on Monday so I wanted to make sure to get one in.  I hit the snooze but got up before it went off again. And to ever prove my point — I didn’t regret going!

It is getting chilly in the early mornings which takes some getting used to but I like the change of seasons. It’s the time to renew and refresh things in your life and of course reflect. Renew, Reflect and Refresh! I like those three words together.

The past few days I have been trying a new approach to dealing with people in my life – and I have spoken about it before. It’s going into things believing that we all have the best of intentions and what I have found is that often, communication is the key to cooperation! We all filter and explain things differently and some of the styles that people we have in our lives are not naturally compatible with our own.  And then it turns into a thing because you both are sitting there analyzing the situation with your personal filter and coming to some assumptions about the other person when it wasn’t at all coming from the place we assumed it was.  Wheww!

What I find out usually is that neither of us ‘got’ what the other was saying and both of us were coming from reasonable places and that if we had actually talked FACE to FACE, it would have never been misunderstood. All of this digital connecting is making communication effectively harder. Nothing replaces the efficiency and effectiveness of a face to face, let’s talk meeting. Every single time! Keep that in mind the next time you are having a misunderstanding via email or even a phone call and give the face to face a try.

So a win for me today to share. I got a PR (personal record) for my strict press — 95#, which is up 5# from last time I did it in May! If you keep working hard, you get better! Everyday I’m shufflin’.

600m run
bear crawl
crab walk
10 Handstands

shoulder press


15 min to get a Press 1RM
then 10 min of “Mary”

  • 5 Handstand Push-ups
  • 10 One legged squats
  • 15 Pull ups

95# 1 RM Press


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