Livestrong!So I am sure we have all been reading a bit about Lance Armstrong the past month – with all the controversy and the stripping away of his Tour de France titles and what can only be described as his overall downfall.  Sounds like the sport of cycling is as corrupt as many other sports out there -and the illusion of superior human athletes that do it without any ‘help’ has once again been uncovered. No one is perfect –no one man or woman can do it alone.  His actions did not happen in a bubble. It’s amazing to see what happens within the confines of a group – it goes back to that overall mob mentality — Herd Mentality.  Same thing happened in the Penn State crime — groups of people cover up things to protect what’s in their best interest. It goes without saying that what happened at Penn State was so much more horrific of course.

But what about Lance and his leadership among cancer survivors and all he has done to bring awareness and raise money for cancer research? Should that be discounted?

I read Emily Cousin’s post yesterday (a cancer survivor herself) and I tend to agree with her as a caretaker of my own cancer survivor husband– I am grateful that Lance put his name behind something that affects so many. He also is a survivor — and showed the world that you aren’t damaged goods once you have Cancer.  He helped lead a foundation that put strength and living behind the whole idea of cancer. Livestrong is now part of our vernacular — and it has a deep, strong meaning with so many of us.

Did he act dishonestly in the sport of his profession? Seems the facts point to that and nothing excuses those character flaws. Winning at all costs is not what we teach our kids and is not what we expect from our role models. Are they human and make mistakes? Yes but it doesn’t make dishonesty OK. All the good he has done doesn’t excuse misleading and lying to his fans and his fellow competitors. What about the cyclist that came in 4th during his wins who didn’t dope? Lance stole that winning moment away from someone else — there is no honor in that and no way to bring back the moment.

I am disappointed in him as a role model and athlete –but think its important to separate the Livestrong! foundation from the man, the athlete and his actions within his sport.

A Cancer Survivor’s Reaction to Lance Armstrong’s Downfall

And yet I still feel grateful for Lance Armstrong. He did more than start a foundation and raise some money. He helped transform the way America views life after cancer.

Remember when cancer was a word you whispered instead of said out loud? Remember when cancer seemed like a certain death sentence? Researchers have made medical breakthroughs that help patients live longer, but Lance helped create cultural changes that allow us to do it proudly.


Workout today was a run and then some lifting — I have to challenge myself to run more. I think it will help with my asthma and also – just help me improve. I Suck At Running! There I said it —


  • pull up progressions
  • 100 jump rope singles
  • jog
  • shuffle
  • jog
  • high Knees
  • DROM
  • handstand holds


  • Deadlift


  • 800m run for time: 4:43


  • Deadlifts 215# 5RM