Life Can Be Complicated – Always

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

I was in such a great mood the past couple of days until yesterday. I hate when something that should in theory be small fries to me takes up residence in my head and throws me off balance. Does that ever happen to you? Something someone does or doesn’t do that you perceive as showing a lack of respect? Well an incident yesterday happened that just once again reminded me of my place in someone’s pecking order and for some reason, even though it’s not really a surprise, it really stuck with me. I think sometimes I see positive changes happening and I start to get my hopes and expectations up and then the universe comes around to give me a great big slap across my face to say WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE — DON’T BE FOOLED BY A FEW POSITIVE ACTIONS — IT’S NOT GOING TO CHANGE. 

And I realize that it’s the truth and I am forced to make a decision — life can be so complicated sometimes can’t it? Do you stay in a situation or place where you are comfortable, and for the most part, can tolerate the environment or do you push yourself, outside of your comfort zone  to a more challenging situation where the outcome is unknown?  That’s the big question, isn’t it and the answer depends on many factors and needs to be thought through very carefully. So you know what I will be doing the next few weeks — really thinking/mulling on a few things.

stick bugs are cute!I almost let the alarm win this AM. I am sore but as I laid there, I thought about how much fun it is to see my friends and how much better I will feel if I just go. So I got up and went –but guess what? My normal buds didn’t show! DOH!

It’s ok though –still had fun and laughed alot. I saw a cute little stick bug in the gym too. I love those things. Sometimes its the little stuff that can turn your day around. Seeing that little bugger and my son, Nate, was in such a great mood when I got home. He even put his arm around me and gave me a random kiss. He rarely does that — and every time he does, I just feel special and my heart wells up. No lie — something about him stopping what he’s doing and purposely coming over to show me he likes me stops me in my tracks. Sad and Happy at the same time. He’s just so finicky and sensitive about everything that it’s rare that he stops and does stuff like that. So I make sure to appreciate it and he’s the cutest thing I have ever seen.


  • 600m jog
  • bear crawl
  • high knees
  • heel to butt
  • toy soldiers
  • DROM


  • Push Press
  • Shoulder Press

400m run for time
1-1-1-1-1 Press
3-3-3-3-3 Push Press



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