Clutter in the form of a Caboodle

Even though we had a day off, I still got my butt up and headed for the workout. I personally find that deviating too much from a routine is a recipe for disaster. It’s like a gateway drug — before you know it, you are making excuses for not getting any exercise in and you are back to square one in your overall fitness journey.

Yesterday, I spent a few hours going through crap in my house. Just random junk that for some odd reason, I thought I should keep and what happens is — I start to look like a candidate for the show Hoarders.

For example: I have been keeping a Caboodle! I have had this thing since probably before college.  During my night out with the ladies on Friday, I mentioned it and someone said –what the heck are you doing? It has caked on shit and you will never use it. She was right and yesterday, it went bye bye! Why do we keep the crap we do?

Have you ever thought about what all the clutter means and how it affects you?

Clutter’s Effects on Your Life — How clutter affects you and what to do about it.
Think about it –and see if you are OK living like that.


  • DROM
  • 400m run
  • Drills
  • Dead Hang Pull Ups


Double unders


  • double unders
  • sit ups

total: 8:24

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