What a long week it has been –and cold as crap.

Scott and I ordered Nike+ Fuelband to help re-jumpstart my motivation to lose some of the poundage I put on during the holidays. I don’t feel good in my body right now and definitely notice it during some of my workouts. Also, my clothes are fitting but just not like they used to. Some of it is that my CrossFit body shape is still developing, but most of it is because I have not been keeping my eating on point.  So while not a magic wand, I am hoping it will encourage me to be more on point.

Tonight I am helping host at our CrossFit Impavidus gym a Ladies Night WOD. I am trying to promote more girl power, support and friendship at our gym by coordinating a workout and social event, where we can root one another on and then chat and enjoy some appetizers and wine! And it’s themed too! The ladies are going to don their favorite 80’s wear.



  • lots of mobility
  • Drills


  • pull ups


  • 5 pullups
  • 10 push ups
  • 15 squats

rounds: 15+15 reps

This was a tough one.. of course it is because of the lady of crossfit status but also with the heat on, no doors/windows open –it is dry up in there! I was hacking up a lung!