Month: February 2013

Become a More Optimistic You

Becoming More Optimistic How great is this image and message. It really is all about how you choose to see things. During the CrossFit Teens class I was coaching, the teens did some ladder speed work. Some of the movements were complicated and really made more »

Seasonal Affective Disorder

I have been trying out something new to see if it can help me break free of the winter doldrums that I seem to be suffering from.  All I want to do is sleep and over eat. I lack the enthusiasm that I normally have more »

Dynamic Effort Squatting

So today we worked on back box squats and every time we do it, someone asks me all about what benefit these have because it doesn’t feel like a strength day. Well technically it’s not but it has some major benefit to strength training: Dynamic more »

Blame it on the CrossFit

I had the busiest, best weekend – Saturday, the staff at CrossFit Impavidus held a Teen CrossFit Competition. A first of its kind in the area. We hosted 30 teens from around the area to take part in a three WOD competition. It was such more »

Parents: Fun Murderers

Yesterday I came across a post out there about how everyone loves to give kids junk food.  Why Is Everyone Always Giving My Kids Junk Food?  It really resonated with me and a ton of other parents out there. Think about it – snacks at more »

Grabbing for Stomach Share

I came across a few really interesting things on the web yesterday: Read this: The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food Interesting information about companies and the quest for“stomach share” — the amount of digestive space that any one company’s brand can grab from the competition. more »

Face Reading: What Your Face Tells About You

The other day I was flipping through channels and came across a show that was highlighting Chinese Face Reading and how it can help diagnose health problems. I don’t know about you, but I had never heard about it but it makes total sense. Think more »

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark Meat

I took an unplanned rest day this morning. I had two very tough workouts on Sunday and Monday (Both previous CrossFit Open workouts) and my shoulders/traps hurt, which makes for the perfect time for me to hurt myself –so I took a rest. I am more »

Capital Affiliate League Championship Tournament at CrossFit Impavidus

Capital Affiliate League Championship Tournament This weekend was a busy & action packed. Saturday was the Capital Affiliate League’s Championship Tournament and CrossFit Impavidus hosted the event.  I love watching athletes compete — it just gets me itching to work out even more.  I went in more »

Your Life is Your Message. Make Sure It Inspires

Life is so funny sometimes — when you decide to resign to being unable to change a situation while you are in the midst of it and look to get out –surprises happen that give you some renewed energy and motivation. And let me tell more »