When the Mental Game Kicks In

The CrossFit Games 2013

2-logo-games-2013Sometimes we long time CrossFitters forget that many people have no clue what the CrossFit Games are and why we are all talking about it. I didn’t register because I think I am going to move on — I did it for the challenge and i love the fact that athletes all around the world are doing the same workout this week as a community.  Elite, everyday Joes, and newbies are all taking it on and doing their own personal best.

I also love that moments before you start, you get that nervous excitement in your belly even though you have done countless workouts before — it’s just this adrenaline building up. For me, I remind myself it’s just a workout – I’m here to maintain my fitness and feel great, blow off some steam, de-stress, have fun – but then the clock starts to countdown and you hear 3, 2, 1…beep beep beep and you GO!

And then the mental game kicks in — which is a part I need major help with.  When I am in the zone, nothing can stop me. I have been there and felt it. But when I start gasping for air, my lungs start to get heavy and mentally I start to lose focus and begin to focus on the very important point of breathing.  I have asthma and there are times when it doesn’t bother me but when it does, it does big time.  It’s also very heavily affected by the weather –when its cold and or very dry.  I think I need to deal with it better –learn how to manage it when it starts to creep up and I panic during a workout.  I know I haven’t been really on point with managing it and it’s days like today, when I really feel let down by my own performance that it shows.

Kelly StarrettI’m off to a Mobility Workshop tomorrow with the famous Kelly Starrett – KStarr – to those insiders!  KStarr is also the coach behind MobilityWOD.com and owns CrossFit San Francisco. I have been wanting to go to this trainer’s course for a long time and finally registered before it sold out.  I am so hungry for info from this amazing community of athletes and coaches that i could go to these workshops every week if possible.  Learning from the best is the only way to go!


CF Games 13.2

10min AMRAP
5 Shoulder to OH
10 Deadlifts
15 Box Jumps
total: 158 reps

Again, not my best showing but it is what it is and I’m moving on….



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