Almost There — Christmas

We are almost there — Christmas is two days away. I don’CrossFit: Clear out the Clutter so you can focust know about anyone else, but this does not tend to be the happiest time of the year for me.  The stress of getting everything done, the overeating, the change in my routine. It can all be too much. However, on the more positive side, I love the reconnecting that happens with friends, the extra attention paid to being kind and the great sales/deals that can be found!

I have been fighting a bug that my son Nate had this past week. It hit me hard yesterday and I spent most of the day in bed – couldn’t hold anything down and just felt blah. I refuse to be sick during this holiday like last year when I was down and out with the flu. My entire holiday break was owned by the FLU – and I ain’t got time for that this year. I woke up feeling better, so I still hit the gym and just took it easier than normal. Yeah, I know – I probably should have not gone but I was feeling decent and I wont get one of my workouts in this week because of the holiday.


Strength Cleans
Kipping Pullups

Kindness Matters

I can’t find the article I read yesterday, but I wanted to talk about the topic. It was about the perception you can get by believing everything that someone posts to their social media profile. Often times, what people post about or the information they share is not who they truly are or a reflection of what is really going on in their lives. We all know that life is hard — marriage is work, kids are stressful, our jobs are demanding etc. etc. If you go solely by what someone decides to share out there –there is no way you are getting the whole picture.  There is no way to see what goes on behind closed doors.

For me personally, I try to be as honest and straightforward as I can be. Do I share everything online? Many people may be surprised but the answer is NO. What i do share, I commit to being honest about. Staying focused on progress and being better than I was yesterday is HARD. I waiver at times – I am unkind sometimes – I overeat sometimes. I am human. Sometimes I am even depressed and feel like giving up and have to search for things that inspire and motivate me to get off my ass and make the changes I need to make. The difference between me and the person that doesn’t strive to progress is that I have developed my skills to move forward and to not give up.  Anyone can – it just goes a along with everything else – it’s not easy and requires commitment and focus.




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