What Are You Thankful For?

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Be Thankful - Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! There is always something to be thankful for even when things may not be going in the most ideal way. Whether it be an opportunity to learn, to grow, or to appreciate.  It’s way too easy to get wrapped up in our lives and forget how blessed and lucky so many of us are. That doesn’t mean we aren’t entitled to feel low but you have to keep things in perspective.  Take today to really answer this: What Are You Thankful For? 


What Are you Thankful for?

12 rounds boxingI got up and did a 12 round boxing session to get my day started with some awesome, fun people.  Im thankful for my health and fitness for sure. Some days it’s hard to get up and get it done, but at the end of the day it is so worth it.

Happy Halloween

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Hooray for a Happy Halloween: Column

Happy Halloween

Scott and I on Halloween

September 11: I Remember

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This was written by my husband last year on 9/11:

9/11 I Remember

I Remember…

Whenever I see the numbers 9 and 11, I remember.

Whenever I fly and go through airport security, I remember.

Whenever I drive past the Pentagon, I remember.

Whenever I see the New York City skyline, I remember.

Whenever someone says “Let’s Roll”, I remember.

Whenever I see the letters F.D.N.Y. or N.Y.P.D., I remember.

Whenever I see Giuliani, or hear his name, I remember.

Whenever I see an American flag at half staff, I remember.

Whenever the Department of Homeland Security is mentioned, I remember.

Whenever I hear about a U.S. soldier being killed in action, I remember.

I remember seeing my yet to be born daughter for the first time via sonogram, and how happy I was. I remember the confusion going on in the doctor’s office as we were leaving, but not understanding why.

I remember my boss calling me as I drove to work late, and her telling me to turn around because they were evacuating the campus.

I remember being glued to the television, when the second plane hit the south tower, and I remember watching the footage over and over again until it was permanently etched into my brain.

I remember people hanging out the windows, and then falling/jumping to escape the fire.

I remember the shock of watching the south tower collapse.

I remember “All circuits are busy” when trying to use the phone.

I remember hearing false information about the Pentagon, and the White House.

I remember being scared and helpless when the north tower collapsed.

I remember footage of thousands of people walking out of the city, covered in grey ash.

I remember newscasters switching from talking about and showing the horror, to honoring and showing the heroes.

I remember reading the scroll at the bottom of the screen for hours and days.

I remember breaking down and sobbing in the middle of the night as I thought about all of those lives lost.

I remember mobile surface to air missile launchers deployed around Washington D.C.

I remember David Letterman, coming back on the air and not telling any jokes.

I remember New York City tourism grinding to a halt, and making it a point to show my support by visiting.

I remember seeing the gaping hole where the Twin Towers stood from the top of the Empire State Building, and the site still smoldering over a month after 9/11.

I remember walking all over the city with my pregnant wife, and having a great time.

I remember Shock and Awe.

I remember ignorant people saying horrible things about Muslims.

I remember having a great sense of Patriotism, and being thankful for the brave men and women who serve in our military.

I remember crazy conspiracy theories.

I remember President Bush standing on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln with a banner that read “Mission Accomplished” in 2003.

I remember the U.S. soldiers that were killed in action.

I remember having a conversation with a young coworker about where we were when the planes hit, and he replied in middle school – I remember I am getting older.

I remember how precious life is, and how much I love my family and friends.

I remember that the world was forever changed.

You are damn right I remember……..everyday.

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day Anyway?

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My friend Liz invited me to try a new CrossFit that opened nearby for a Saturday WOD this weekend. It was a partner workout with 3 rounds of 30 OHS, 40 Pull Ups and 50 V-Ups. I have not really done any lifting for months, so the gift of OHS was felt all day Sunday for sure. I do miss parts of CrossFit but not all of it — so I have some thinking to do whether I want to sign up for a few months to see if the fire has returned. Decisions, decisions…

Pull Up InjuryAnd of course the pull ups left me with some nasty open calluses that are very painful. I am never proud of them because I know that it means my form was definitely off. I used chalk but it was so hot in the gym that mixed with sweat, the bars were coated with a chalky paste.

Monday is Labor Day. I asked around to see if any one really knew what it was all about. Not many did, so here’s some good info about why we celebrate this holiday.

According to the US Dept of Labor site, Labor Day is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

So, if you work in the USA – you go ahead and celebrate. Without all we do – our country wouldn’t be as amazing as it is.

Happy Labor Day 2014

Watch This

My Friend Lisbeth mentioned Joan Rivers on her FB page and I think she captured what a game changer she was for women during her hey day…

If this is the end for Joan Rivers, I hope it’s peaceful. She was a significant force in her field and for women. Was she crass or unkind at times? Perhaps. But I, for one, thank her for being strong and smart and funny. For a young girl growing up in stuffy Connecticut, Joan was a breath of fresh air. Her influence was far greater than she ever knew.

I’m sending good health vibes to the amazing Joan Rivers…

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Work Hard Quote


Saturday CrossFit WOD
Sunday Boxing

Heart Rate Data for Boxing

Labor Day: Time to Disconnect

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SunflowerHope everyone has a wonderful and safe Labor Day Weekend. I’m going to spend time with my kiddos and hubby before school is back in session and our lives start to get more chaotic!

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Start again quote


Boxing HEart Rate data

Happy Father’s Day 2014: Activities To Do With Your Dad

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It’s here! The last day of the 2013-14 school year! Whoo Hooo. It went by so fast which means the kiddos are growing up way to fast for my taste. I look at the pictures I have taken and wonder what happened to my little babies.

This weekend is Father’s Day! Hope you are planning on doing something fun with those you love. A friend of mine posted this Facebook status this week that I think says what needs to be said:

My Dad passed away 31 years ago, but has been a positive influence on me every day since (as has been my amazing Mom) Tell your dads how much they mean to you this coming weekend! 

Activities To Do With your Dad

Here are a few of my favorites from the links I have listed below:

  • Coaster Crazy: Head to an amusement park and spend hours on some crazy roller coasters.
  • Spin Your Wheels: Go for a bike ride, roller skating or in my family’s case: Skateboarding!
  • Gaming: If your hubby is into video games like mine is – a few hours of video game playing together can be really fun.

And a Happy Father’s Day to the dads in my life,  including my father in law Pops and my Dad….

Pops Grampa Jerry

My brothers: David and Jon

Brothers: Gettinger

And the most special dad of all: My hubby Scotty.

Scotty - Father's Day 2014

Watch This

Louis CK on Fatherhood

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Be The Best Person  You Can Be


Power Boxing

Memorial Day 2014

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Memorial Day 2014

Yesterday, Mike Rowe posted a FB status about: Retired Staff Sargent Travis Mills

Say hi to Retired Staff Sargent Travis Mills, formerly of the 82nd Airborne, US Army. 

As you can see, Travis has undergone a few structural modifications, most visibly in the leg department. Likewise, his left arm is more machine than flesh, and though his right arm appears to be around my waist, it really isn’t. Like the rest of his limbs, it’s been missing in action for some time.

I met Travis a few weeks ago in DC at The Science and Engineering Festival, and spent a half hour talking, mostly about Dirty Jobs. He wanted to tell me how much he and his buddies appreciated that show while on active duty. He wanted to know what it was like to work in so many “difficult and dangerous situations.”

Can you imagine? How exactly does one answer a question like that from a guy like this?

On the day we met, I was a little stressed out. I had just moderated a panel on the main stage, and I was rushing to the other end of the Convention Center to meet with a bunch of CEO’s to discuss mikeroweWORKS. I was late, and there were three-hundred and fifty thousand people between me and where I needed to go, all of whom wanted to say hello and take a photo. My security team was cutting a swath through the crowd, and I was trying very hard not to look like a complete douche. Then one of the event organizers ran over and grabbed my arm.

“Hey Mike, there’s a guy backstage who really wants to say hello.”

“That’s nice,” I said. “Tell him to get out here and do it.” I was walking fast, head down, determined to maintain forward momentum. If you stop in a situation like that, you never get started again.

“Well,” said the guy, “it would be easier if you came to him. It’ll just take a second.”

“Why? His legs broken?”

“Uhh…not exactly. But he’s just around the corner. I think he was in the war.”

I told the security guys to sit tight, and followed the guy down a long hallway, looking at my watch as we fast-walked into the backstage area. Then we ducked behind a blue curtain, and Travis Mills stood up to greet me. Actually, he kind of unfolded himself from a chair, and came toward me with a very wide smile. He then extended a prosthetic arm and offered a plastic hand, which I automatically shook.

“Mike Rowe! What an honor! I’m Travis Mills, and I’m very, very pleased to meet you.”

I’ve seen a lot of things over the years, and I’ve gotten good at pretending there’s nothing unusual when there clearly is. But I was completely unprepared for this.

“Ahh…shit,” I said. “What happened?”

“IED. Afghanistan.”

“Damn. I’m sorry.”

“No big deal. It’s been two years now. I’m good. Tell me something though – are you gonna do anymore Dirty Jobs?”


“Dirty Jobs, man! When are we gonna see some new ones?”

“Well Travis, that show was cancelled. I’m working on something new though that I think will be just as good. Maybe better.”

“Hey, that’s great! I got new legs and you got a new show! Tell me all about it!”

That’s how the conversation started. My show. My foundation. My book. Etc. But I eventually steered it back to him, and learned that Travis is one of only five quadruple amputees to survive that level of injury in the recent wars. He has a motto: Never Give Up – Never Quit. He has a Foundation. He’s featured in a new documentary. He also has a wife and a kid, and a deeply personal commitment to help other wounded Vets cope with their injuries. But when I asked why I hadn’t seen him in any of the typical commercials and PSA’s for wounded veterans, his answer was stunning. He said he didn’t consider himself to be wounded.

“I’m not a victim, Mike. And I refuse to be portrayed that way. Case closed.”

Fact is, Travis is missing more than a few original parts; he’s missing all traces of self-pity. And that’s presents a challenge for mortals like me. Because it’s a hell of a thing to feel put out because a crowd of fans are making me late for an important meeting, and then listen to a guy with no arms or legs tell me how lucky he is, and how much he appreciates all my hard work.

That’s called a gut-check, and I could use one from time to time. Especially on Memorial Day, when the biggest decisions I face are what to grill and which type of frosty beverage to enjoy. This year, as I resolve these and other important issues, I’ll think of Travis Mills. A guy who went out on a limb for me, in every way possible.

Thanks Travis.
And Happy Memorial Day to you all.


PS. His story is incredible. Check it out, if you have the time.



Memorial Day 2014



Birthday Wishes for Nate Dogg

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312286_10150369745638741_1322630304_nHappy 10th BIrthday to my Nate Dogg, my challenging, cute, sweet, smart, and mischievous bundle of joy. It’s hard to believe that my youngest is now double digits. It’s another reminder of how time flies… Nate used to love to snuggle, hug and hang out with me and now he would much rather hang out with his dad and play video games. Getting a hug and kiss from him is a lesson in strategy and deal making. I tell him all the time that being his Mom, I am entitled to hugs and kisses whenever I want but it hasn’t changed his mind. I won’t stop trying though — some day he will realize how awesome my attempts really were.

Here are some good tips and info about raising boys:



10154679_10152057914248741_1385034206_nRead This

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Never Waste Your Feelings on people who don't value them


Cycle Class 1 hour

Weekend Madness

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Here it is March 31st and it snowed yesterday. What the heck is going on?? How is this the start of spring? I am hoping that yesterday was really the end of the craziness and we can now get on with the already too short season known as Spring.

Happy Birthday HB!Saturday – was my baby girl’s 12th birthday. It is so hard to believe that twelve years have gone by. I remember the moment she was born like it was yesterday and the moments of her awakening have gone by way too fast. Being a parent is quite an adventure – with lots of terrain to cover. I have loved every minute of being a Mom to her. She is so bright, funny, sensitive and beautiful in every way. I really am so lucky to be her Mom.

We had to actually celebrate her birthday on Sunday because she had one of her Odyssey of the Mind competitions all day Saturday but we made up for it by taking her shopping for five hours (she is totally my daugther!), then out to dinner at Red Robin (her choice) with one of her friends, and then Red Velvet Cheesecake for dessert. And of course, she started her day with Ice Cream for Breakfast as is our birthday tradition each year. Fun Mommy was all over it!

HB Birthday - Cheesecake

I also took some solid days off from CrossFit and did Yoga. I took classes on Thurs, Friday and Sunday. I realized that I feel energized and quiet afterwards. It’s definitely not just Ohm and relaxation. You get a real good workout and I am hoping it helps me with my shoulder mobility issues that have been plaguing me for a few weeks.

And today, is my big sister’s birthday – She has had a rough year but I know it’s only a matter of time before things are going to start falling in place for her as they are meant to be.

Big Sis Deb

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Lululemon Pledge

Be Inspired

start doing


Push Ups
Back Squat 4×5 165#
5 mins
5 Ring Rows (I’m resting my shoulders so not doing pull ups for a bit)
5 burpees

–1minute rest–

5 mins
5 Slam Balls
5 Air Squats


Happy Valentine’s Day: Lucky to Have Love

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Highbar CrossFit Heart for Valentine's DayHappy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there. It doesn’t matter what kind of Love you have in your life— as long as you have Love. It’s mushy but true.  I am lucky to have the Silver Fox in my life – who loves me at my worst and at my best. This is the 19th year we are together for Valentine’s Day. And during those years, it hasn’t all been hearts and flowers but I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.  Marriage is work -plain and simple and it has peaks and valleys. Being with someone for a long time means they get on your nerves regularly but in your heart – you can’t imagine your life with anyone else, nor would you want to. I am not one of those people who expects a trail of rose petals at the door when I come home – even on Valentine’s Day. I just think treating one another with respect and having a real affection for your partner is key. Scotty makes me laugh, makes me feel special, feel cherished and wanted. And he lets me be me. I thank the stars above for bringing him into my life. Together, we have created a wonderful life, with awesome kids and try to be good people each and every day. What more can someone ask for when it really comes down to it?

I was thinking about how it has been about five months since my job situation changed — I didn’t realize that at the time it was going to be for the better but I sure do now. I was reminded about how toxic my previous situation was this week during a meeting I was attending for one of my clients.

I was asked to attend a meeting about the progress the team has made with social media marketing with the CEO of the company. The SVP that I work with asked me to attend because she said that he would love my energy and knowledge. When I arrived, the group was waiting outside the meeting room. I knew everyone but this one guy. We all walked in and the guy introduced himself to me, “Hi, I’m so and so”, shook my hand and sat down. We were waiting on a few people — I assumed the CEO was one of them. The CMO arrived -I have met him before and we began. It occurred to me that the one guy who introduced himself WAS the CEO of the company. Totally didn’t get that until we were underway. During the meeting, he asked a lot of questions about what we are doing and why- but it was all in the vain of him understanding the purpose and the benefit. Not once was it to question our knowledge or decisions. The meeting flowed well and the team allowed me to go through most of it. The reason it was such a reminder to me about how bad that other company had become was because meetings NEVER were like that there.

To even get to meet with our CMO was rare – reserved for a few — Forget about the CEO. You were not trusted to be in the room with him unless it was a large crowd and he was reading from a prepared speech. The CMO was always late — ALWAYS and there was a pecking order. Everyone was there to prove they knew more than the person next to them. The CMO questioned every decision, every action &  not from a place of her trying to understand but because in her mind – she knew more than you and didn’t trust that you could make a decision. Many times -whatever progress or decision you made was reversed or changed at the drop of a hat.  The whole culture was cover your ass all the time. New people were brought in – many times they were consultants – and they were automatically given more credence than you, even if you had been there for years and they had no background in the industry.  You could fall on a sword for a decision, but if the consultant disagreed or wanted it different – it was made to be.

People were not nice to each other — you could be the nicest person in the world, but in that culture and workplace, you could easily change up to be the biggest ass in the room. Imagine being questioned about every move, not empowered to do a job you are responsible for, have no inspiration or true leadership, be disrespected day in and out, and not trusted. It’s not hard to understand how it is toxic. But just like any abusive, unhealthy relationship that endures – you start to think that’s normal and it’s only when you are away from it and see what healthy can look like – it becomes clear how bad it was.

It’s just another affirmation of the path I am heading now…

Read This!

Watch This

Now this guy gets it — let’s reevaluate our values people!  Gay people are a part of our world – I tell my kids, if one person loves another person – no matter girl or boy- how can that be bad? Love is a great thing – no matter who loves who.

Dallas sportscaster’s shocking response to Michael Sam coming out as gay

Get Inspired

Where there is love, there is life



  • Press 2×5
  • Push Press 2×3


  • 4 Rounds
  • Box Jumps
  • Burpees
  • –rest–
  • 50 wall balls


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