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While I am on vacation, you can still be inspired:

Quit Talking Start Doing

Tell Your Story and Let It Go


I regularly read the musings of an entrepreneur, writer James Altucher. He seems to have a really good perspective and gives good advice.

 Here’s a short excerpt from the Post by James Altucher.

How do you prepare for a good death?

I think we live in four dimensions at the same time.

The physical world, where we can get stabbed in the heart and bleed. The emotional world, where we can get stabbed in the heart and cry.

The mental world, where we can get stabbed in the head and get demented. And the spiritual world where we get stuck living in the past, filled with regret and anxiety.

Stress is the knife of the emotional world. Stress leads to inflammation of the cells (again, I’m a doctor).

The major causes of death in the US: heart attacks, cancer, strokes, Alzheimers – all caused by inflammation. And then diseases caused by smoking. Don’t smoke.

If all you do is work on ways to reduce stress, avoid time travel (obsessing on past and future), and of course, don’t smoke, then you will start preparing for a good death.

Everyone wraps themselves in their dramas: their friends, their family, their divorces, their failures. We build up a mythology of our misery. The pantheon of people who “did this to us”.

Can you take a break from that for today? Just today please. And then maybe tomorrow. If you can’t, then text me why.

Because the truth is:

Nobody did anything to you.

Except your mother.

One of the comments left really spoke to me and it’s something I am going to put into practice…

I did a workshop with a great life coach more than a decade ago, which focused on how people create their personal narratives, and she said she had a rule that she would only tell a story to other people 3 times and after that she’d let it go because to keep re-telling gave it far too much weight and life and kept her from moving on. I try to remember that rule when there is drama in my life; it really does minimize stress, regret and anxiety.

Bad Posture is More Than Just An Eyesore


It’s always peaceful and calm when the kids don’t have to rush and head off to school. Unfortunately, I have to head into work today which is a bummer because I could use at least one more day to my weekend. As expected, now that I am working full time, my house is starting to return to its disorganized, crazy state and I am starting to feel as if there is never enough time to get things done.

Steph Hoaglund- Live Fit and Sore!I’ve been sharing a lot of information on my new Facebook page Live Fit and Sore to complement the blog. I find so many links and articles that relate to living a healthier lifestyle and being well – but don’t necessarily want to add to posts daily. So if you are inclined, make sure you like my new community page. One of the things I have been sharing are reasons to exercise.  Today’s Reason to Exercise: Improves your Posture 

“Bad posture influences your risk of experiencing lower back pain, your energy levels, as well as your focus and concentration. If you’re constantly in a slouched position all day long and not using good posture, this is going to mean that there’s far less oxygen coming into the body and low levels of oxygen are one of the contributing factors to fatigue development.”

Here are some links to help you learn more along with some exercises you can incorporate to help improve your posture:

Be Inspired

I came across this quote this weekend that I think we all need to take to heart: “Putting things in perspectives – It’s clear that the really happy man is the one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.”

Choose Your Hard


  • Boxing: Friday
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Build Your Mind


Building Your MinA friend shared this quote by Marilynne Robinson and it continues to stick with me from the NYT Magazine:

The Revelations of Marilynne Robinson

“We were positively encouraged to create for ourselves minds we would want to live with. I had teachers articulate that to me: ‘You have to live with your mind your whole life.’ You build your mind, so make it into something you want to live with. Nobody has ever said anything more valuable to me.”

Making a Change: Leap And The Net Will Appear


I have a close friend who decided to give notice at her job. She has been unhappy and has an idea for a business that has been stewing around in her head for a long time. She’s decided to go for it! She texted me yesterday how scared & excited she is – in her mind, she has no safety net so I shared with her a quote someone shared with me a few years ago: “Leap anLeap and the Net Will Appeard the net will appear.” It’s hard to find comfort in that idea and trust it, but it’s true. The net may not be the color or the style you had in mind, but it will be there and you will be OK.

I am super proud of her courage and focus – it’s inspirational when others take a leap of faith with such determination and hope.

Oprah’s magazine talks about making a change in life and it starts with three Rs of transformation: The Willpower Myth

  • Relating
  • Repeating
  • Reframing
Follow the three steps when you decide to make a change and it becomes focused and easier to make it last.

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Boxing Heart Rate Data - Live Fit and Sore

Saturday Boxing Workout


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Boxing with some strength added in at the end.
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Run the Risk of Making People Mad


Stephanie Hoaglund: Fitness Blog Live Fit and Sore!Each morning I try to do some reflection and spend time reading through quotes or inspirational passages to start my day off positively. This quote from Iyanla Vanzant made me stop in my tracks and nod my head profusely…

If you really want to live your life to the fullest and realize your greatest potential, you must be willing to run the risk of making some people mad. People may not like what you do, people may not like how you do it, but these people are not living your life. You are!

I can certainly relate to the sentiment and am trying to be more comfortable with the realization that some people just don’t get me — and as long as I know my intentions are good and I am open to learning and being kind, then sometimes that’s the way it is. I definitely do have somewhat of a dominant personality and not everyone takes to it. But I can expect regardless of it, I deserve to be treated fairly, kindly and with respect. Scotty tells me often that that’s where I go wrong –to expect anything from anyone. I’m still not sure I subscribe to that way of thinking… although he sure seems to be a happy guy.

I have now been boxing for a few months and am starting to see the fruit of my switch over. I have lost some weight and am leaning out. I have realized that based on my body type, I do tend to get a bit bigger when I focus on strength training. There is nothing wrong with that depending on your goals, but I definitely like the way boxing is leaning me out. As I said, we don’t just box either – we do speed work, weight training and mobility. I am trying to figure out how to add in actual barbell work a few times a week but for now, it’s a real nice change for me. I am meeting some fun, friendly people and am finding myself getting excited again about getting up and working out.   The music is good, the instructors are experienced and prepared and the boxing gym is clean. That’s my recipe for a good fitness experience!

Are you looking for some inspiration and motivation? Read about this 90 year woman old getting fit... No excuses! 

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See Opportunity  in Every Difficulty



Leaving a Legacy: Maya Angelou


Maya Angelou QuoteA few things and thoughts to share today —

My thoughts and respect are given to Maya Angelou who passed away yesterday.  What a wonderful, inspiring, strong, spirited leader who left this world a better place. She defines what it means to leave a lasting legacy…

And there has been a lot of talk in the CrossFit community the past day or so about CF Bashing… I agree with what PaleOMG says in her recent post: My Ever Changing Viewpoint on Paleo and CrossFit


“So here’s what I recommend to everyone. Live the life that makes YOU the happiest. Whether that’s paleo, gluten free, pure gluten, CrossFit, jazzercise, marriage, single, muscular, skinny, really whatever. I don’t care. It’s your life. Do what makes YOU the best kind of person. Not because other people do it, but because you love it. And while you’re at it, try to keep your negative comments to yourself. No, don’t try. Just do it.”

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Wednesday: Power Boxing
Thursday: Rest Day

Make Your Bed


Take time out of your day and watch this amazing, inspiring and thoughtful commencement speech delivered by  Naval Adm. William H. McRaven, BJ ’77, ninth commander of U.S.Special Operations Command, Texas Exes Life Member, and Distinguished Alumnus at The University of Texas at Austin, on May 17, 2014. It’s worth it…

Navy SEAL Commander Tells Students To Make Their Beds Every Morning In Incredible Commencement Speech

Read This!

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Successful Life Quote


I skipped Power Boxing this AM- but I may go for a run later in the day if I feel up to it but no pressure….

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