Look your Best, Embrace the Experiences


I was thinking about the Oscars and the mundane questions that celebs get asked at events like that.  I read that there was a push to ask more insightful, less looks focused questions called Ask Her More.  It was funny to hear Kevin Spacey get asked questions usually reserved for the lady celebs. He was so out of his element. I get that many women out there get excited to learn about the fashion and the styles that are worn, but in recent years, it seems to have gotten out of control. Women are being treated as if they are no longer people, just models and mannequins. I appreciate a good couture look myself – however I also realize the work and illusion that goes into it. Do young girls realize it though?

Kim KardashianThen it got me thinking about someone like Kim Kardashian. She is known and ‘famous’ because of the way she looks. It’s all tied to her beauty – what happens when that youthful beauty starts to fade? Does her entire self worth go down the drain? It’s kind of sad if you think about it – every outfit she wears, every pound she gains, every mistake she makes – gets documented good and/or bad. I don’t envy someone so tied up into their physical attributes.  Does anyone know if she actually makes any sort of valuable contribution to society? I am not saying she doesn’t, but no one sure as hell talks about that. Sure, she makes a ton of money from looking the way she does, but is it worth it? There are a ton of studies out there that prove money doesn’t buy happiness. Can you imagine the constant pressure she feels to look a certain way all the time? And how hard it is to constantly be the target for cruel jokes and criticism?

I bet she will be the type of celeb that constantly tries to keep her youthful appearance by trying the latest cosmetic procedure, and end up looking like she’s trying to hard. Embrace aging — a little help is one thing but so many of these aging stars just don’t know when to quit. Anyone notice Kim Novak at the Oscars? Oy vey….

Personally, I don’t have the time nor the desire to look like a beauty queen 24/7. There is so much more to life — look your best, embrace the experiences.

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Kindness Matters

Ohio boy turns found fortune into act of kindness

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Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be


Pushups/Pull Ups
Mobility Work
100m shuttle run for time
Wall Balls
Bear Crawls


Rest in Peace Ms. Shirley Temple


If the predictions are right, the DC area is due for some big snow starting tomorrow night. Personally, I like having some snow on the ground. I find it forces people to slow down life a bit. However, the extra work attached to getting a big dump of snow is not welcome. My kids get stir crazy. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but my kids aren’t the most adventurous when it comes to snow. My son will get all dressed and ready to go out — only to come in maybe 10 mins later because he’s cold. I don’t remember being like that — snow meant spending hours outside building forts, sledding, snow balls.

I just heard that Shirley Temple has died. I remember so many afternoons watching her old movies on my black and white TV. It was a part of my childhood. She was a class act throughout her life and a great example of how good parenting works. Every time I hear about someone so iconic dying, it’s another reminder for me that life goes by so fast and to make the most of each and every day.

I remember reading about how her parents took care of her, looked after her and made sure she was not exploited like so many other child actors of her day. She also was quite a trail blazer in her day – helping break the white/black stereotypes so prevalent back then.

Rest in Peace Ms. Temple.

Shirley Temple


Drink WaterI am once again focusing on making sure I am drinking enough water. Not only to recover from the dehydration of my partying Saturday evening but in general. I don’t drink enough and am completely not in the habit of drinking it. Starting yesterday, I have a water bottle that I am committed to emptying at least three times during the day. That will put me at about 100oz for the day. If you see me during the day at all –remind me to drink, drink, drink!

DId you know that this week is Kindness Week?

Life Lessons: RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS WEEK - What are you going to do to be kinder?

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Rules for Being Amazing


Working on skills and body weight movements  for the next few weeks, and easing off of heavy lifting.

  • Mobility
  • 200m shuttle runs 1:07 (this was brutally painful for me – my ankles felt wobbly and my asthma kicked in)
  • Agility work (ladder drills)

Super Bowl Hangover


Chicken WingsI went a bit overboard yesterday during the big game – -ate some wings, had more chips and guacamole than I care to remember. I slept horribly and woke up feeling swollen from all the salt and groggy. It’s not a great feeling…

Super Bowl Commercials

My two favorite commercials from the Super Bowl were the horse and dog one: Puppy Love and the Coke commercial that seems to have irked some people around.  I can’t for the life of me why people have an issue with it. During the first few seconds, I knew it was a Coke commercial. It reminded me of the I’d like to teach the world to sing commercial where it was representing all the different cultures, languages and people that encompass America. That is who we are — all together. Some people are so dumb…


It’s a recovery week since we did our strength testing last week…so it will be a lot of calisthenics and mobility. I’m not complaining…

Strength/Calisthenics: 4×6 Strict Pullups
Mobility: Hamstring stretch
WOD: Death by: 

  • Burpees
  • 20m Shuttle runs

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Quote; You have to choose to let go

Clearing the Clutter


The kids are finally in school and the house is quiet. I just want to sit here and enjoy the silence. As much as I love my kids and being able to spend extra time with them, there is definitely a need for space. For their benefit and mine. Enough was enough.

ClutterI was able to get some of the much needed de-cluttering done this weekend. I scheduled an appointment with to pick up the stuff at my house –and almost half of a garage full of stuff will be in the hands of the Lupus Foundation before the day is through. I love the feeling I have after a good purge.  I was telling someone late last week, how I finally feel like I can catch my breath now that I am not working somewhere that was suffocating me. The clearing of all the clutter in my house is a sign that I’m coming up for air and it is such a great feeling. I highly recommend getting the shit out of your life as a great way to help you feel better.

Here are a few good sites about clearing clutter:


Another way to renew and feel great is to spend time with a baby. Here is the most adorable picture of my brother and his new daughter:

David and ANothing sweeter than seeing your big brother holding his beautiful newborn – this picture melts my heart. I can’t wait to meet her…


Squat Clean Testing -managed a 5# PR on my squat clean -however, it wasn’t a perfect clean and I know strength wise I am capable of much more. Gotta get the technique down – practice, practice, practice.

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Inspiration to Start Your Weekend


Optimism is a MagnetI’m not sure if I have mentioned but I am leading a wellness challenge at Highbar CrossFit. I am far from perfect when it comes to complete and utter wellness, but I sure as heck have enough experience and knowledge to help others navigate as they learn what works for their body. It’s been a great experience so far – two weeks in.

It’s funny though – because you really do get to know people pretty well when you are helping them. The thoughts about themselves, others – how they approach what they are being asked to do, how they prefer to go about tackling the changes. It’s all very interesting and helps me more than they probably realize learn about myself and how I interact with others. It inspires me to want to help more people discover how they can feel so much better just by being more aware of what they are eating. I am not a nutrition nazi at all – but I think if people would just detox and then eat the foods they normally eat, it would be an eye opening experience for them.


Today’s workout was fun –  and varied.

Agility Ladders
4 Rounds of
Planks/Wall Sits
Slam Ball Throws/Bear Crawl-Lunges
3x 250m Rows

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Are You Drinking Enough Water?


Kids are home and I found out they will be home for the rest of the week thanks to Mother Nature. I am all for being around my kids, but there comes a time when we all need some distance from one another –like this week!

One of the nutrition challenge extra asks last week was to drink .5L for every pound you weigh. Most of us don’t drink enough water – I know I don’t. It’s actually really hard – and I know I need to do better. So let’s all commit to drinking lots of water this week and see how we feel.

Drink Water - Hydration is Important



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Eat Clean and Train Hard

Think About Your Social Legacy


Rekindle your Inner Spirit - LiveFitandSore.comI’ve been really reflective the past month or so – thinking about life, my own place in the universe, how I relate to others, and the frailty of life in general. Not sure why all of the sudden – maybe because some change in my own life or seeing friends lose someone close to them.

Yesterday, I came across a post that once again displayed how short life is and how it can change in the blink of an eye. The reason I am sharing is to really drive home the idea that you need to make every moment count. Don’t hold on to anger. Don’t be stopped by fear. Stop and smell the roses. Focus on creating the life you want.

Everything We Leave Behind - Amanda was living her life, using Twitter once in a while, and then found out she was very ill with a brain tumor. Her tweets capture her life –all the way to the end. This compilation is a poignant snapshot of a life — and she didn’t even realize that she left a legacy. It really makes you think about your own social legacy after you pass — and what it says about you.

Life really is precious and short — take advantage of the time you have.


Strength: Bench
WOD: Death by…
10m sprints
–if you complete under 10 rounds>40 burpees
–if you complete under 15 rounds>20 burpees
–if you complete under 20 rounds>1 burpee

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Music to your Ears

Pharrell “Happy”

Life Happens So Always Look Again


The past month or so have been odd — my son’s friend’s father died over the holidays and this week, my coach, Randy, at Highbar had to leave abruptly on Monday – unfortunately his father passed away in his sleep sometime during the night. Life happens and you never know what’s next.

I was talking to Randy this morning and he was sharing with me how in the span of a few short days – he is forever changed. He was talking about spiritually. I am not a particularly spiritual person myself,  but when I look back at the time when we found out my husband was sick – weeks/months before, there were things happening in our lives that were setting our family up physically, spiritually and mentally with resources, people and information that we would need on our journey.  I didn’t realize it at the time, of course, but there are things that I see clear as day now. Why did those pieces come into play? It is something I still find comfort in – proof that there is some sort of divine plan in play. Things will be ok and what happens is meant to happen and meant to be. Good or bad – we should learn from it, become better for it, and live our lives with the lessons in practice.

Always Look Again - LiveFitandSore.comI think it has helped me recently with the change in my career and changing CrossFit gyms this past spring.  Continuing to tell myself that things happen for a reason and I will indeed be OK. If things I am doing cause me a lot of struggle – I need to take a look and evaluate it. Maybe I am supposed to struggle and learn – maybe it’s just the wrong path for me. Always look again…

My daughter Hannah gets this whole concept — and I love when she reminds me how much happier I am after a big change. It’s a gift that kids have — we seem to lose it growing up — to see things as they really are. No filter to cloud it up. It is what it is to them -no interpretation, no bias.


Rest Day!

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 Music to Your Ears

I’ve been listening to this mushy song by John Legend lately. You can tell whomever he wrote it for –is loved.

Is Chivalry Dead or Is It Just About Manners?


My friend Nicole mentioned a new moisturizer she has been using that helped her heal fast from a minor surgery she had. She said the doctors were amazed at how fast she was healing up because she was using it. I ran to the store and picked some up and I have been using it for two days now, before I go to bed, and it really does work. It’s called Avalon Organics Vitamin C Sun-Aging Defense Renewal Facial Cream and I am totally sold. Just wanted to share!

Don't Just Eat -Fuel Your Body Livefitandsore.comI am now on day four of eating clean for the Wellness Challenge at Highbar CrossFit and I have to honestly say that I FEEL better. My workouts are just flowing better. I can’t describe it but it’s like I feel lighter – and not weight wise. Just less bogged down, lighter on my feet. It’s been easier to get up in the AM and I am sleeping more soundly.  And mentally, I am just feeling more like myself finally. I have found some motivation that had been in hibernation since this fall and feeling hopeful again. Food really does affect you – physically and mentally. And even though we all know how great we feel when we eat clean and healthy, it’s a lot easier to talk about then do. It’s one of those ongoing battles so many of us have.

Yesterday, I read this post by Matt Walsh – Chivalry is Out of Style

In his post, he laments about how men have seemed to forget to put women and children first in their daily life. I actually agree with a lot of what he said – but I think it comes down to manners – my husband is the first one to hold the door for someone, give up his seat, grab something from the top shelf at the grocery store-and it’s something I love and smile every time he does it. I am proud that he is the type of person/man that does that without question.  I think at the heart of it is a lot of people today are so into themselves and what’s in it for them – they forget that we all are in this together. You see a senior citizen or a prego lady or a mom and her kiddos, or small kids: get off your ass and give them your seat. Simple as that.

And finally, I want to mention a freak tragic accident that happened in the CrossFit world this past weekend: Kevin Ogar suffers serious injury at OC Throwdown. The guy is paralyzed from his waist down right now — too early to tell his long term prognosis.

We sometimes forget that participating in these types of CF competitions bring on inherent risks just like any other sport tournament and/or competition — a freak accident and this poor guys life is forever changed. Help him out if you can –I am going to donate to his

With that said, why would you compete in a competition like this without health insurance? I get that we all think “it will never happen to me” but even the best athletes in the world get injured when competing. Seems like it should be a requirement to compete – something to think about. Oh to be young and naive….my best wishes for his recovery.


Dot Drills
Mobility work (duck walk, instep lunges, sprints)
10 minutes

  • 2 manmakers
  • 10m Broad Jumps
  • 10m Shuffles
  • 10m bear crawl
  • 10m walking lunges
  • 20m sprints

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The Lone Survivor – Sobering and Important


Lungeapalooza at Highbar CrossFit in AshburnThe picture to the left is the butt crushing workout I did yesterday at Highbar CrossFit. It wasn’t an officially sanctioned workout – it was created by a fellow member, Nick – and done during open gym. Let me tell you –holy crap am I sore today. I liked it a lot though because it wasn’t straight up conditioning –it was an exercise not only physical but really mental because it was painful to finish the last few reps each time. I am going to add this workout to my regular routine though because I can tell it works.

Saturday was the start of the nutrition challenge at the gym. I am leading it – which I hope not only helps others, but helps me to re-focus on nutrition and wellness. Lead by example is what i always say.

I also saw The Lone Survivor Saturday evening -and I am still thinking about it days after. I sat in the theater after it was over for a good few minutes sobbing. I managed to pull myself together to walk out of the theater but started again once inside the car. It was very sobering and sad — but also made me even more thankful and appreciative of the men and women who choose to defend our country and ensure we all have freedom.

Many soldiers and military people do CrossFit. Before I began, I could count on one hand the number of people I knew day to day that were present or former military. Today – many of my friends are directly linked to the military so it definitely hits me right in the heart harder now.

Go see it if you get a chance -it is well worth it.


Strength:Squat clean 115# (that’s 10#s heavier than before!)


  • burpees
  • db hang clean squats

Scott Hoaglund and Steph Hoaglund - Live Fit and Sore! Recommended Reading








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