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Tell Your Story and Let It Go


I regularly read the musings of an entrepreneur, writer James Altucher. He seems to have a really good perspective and gives good advice.

 Here’s a short excerpt from the Post by James Altucher.

How do you prepare for a good death?

I think we live in four dimensions at the same time.

The physical world, where we can get stabbed in the heart and bleed. The emotional world, where we can get stabbed in the heart and cry.

The mental world, where we can get stabbed in the head and get demented. And the spiritual world where we get stuck living in the past, filled with regret and anxiety.

Stress is the knife of the emotional world. Stress leads to inflammation of the cells (again, I’m a doctor).

The major causes of death in the US: heart attacks, cancer, strokes, Alzheimers – all caused by inflammation. And then diseases caused by smoking. Don’t smoke.

If all you do is work on ways to reduce stress, avoid time travel (obsessing on past and future), and of course, don’t smoke, then you will start preparing for a good death.

Everyone wraps themselves in their dramas: their friends, their family, their divorces, their failures. We build up a mythology of our misery. The pantheon of people who “did this to us”.

Can you take a break from that for today? Just today please. And then maybe tomorrow. If you can’t, then text me why.

Because the truth is:

Nobody did anything to you.

Except your mother.

One of the comments left really spoke to me and it’s something I am going to put into practice…

I did a workshop with a great life coach more than a decade ago, which focused on how people create their personal narratives, and she said she had a rule that she would only tell a story to other people 3 times and after that she’d let it go because to keep re-telling gave it far too much weight and life and kept her from moving on. I try to remember that rule when there is drama in my life; it really does minimize stress, regret and anxiety.

RIP To A True Artist: Oscar De La Renta


One of the things I loved to do when I was growing up was to watch fashion shows on TV during my weekends. I can’t remember the name of the show, but it was essentially a show of the latest runway fashions and a look at the designers. One of my all time favorite designers was Oscar De La Renta. You could tell he adored a woman’s shape and his dresses were the prettiest things I had ever seen.  I haven’t thought about fashion in a very long time – but I have been trying to take a good, hard look at things that make me happy. I loved watching the artistic creations that amazing designers created –he was definitely an amazing artist. The world has lost someone very special…

RIP Oscar De La Renta

When you hear about the passing of certain people, it can bring back personal memories and moments in your life.  I can see myself sitting in front of my TV in my Mom’s house watching and day dreaming about being in the fashion industry. Of course that wasn’t how my life did turn out but that’s OK. After hearing about his passing, I came across this post: The Best Part Of Life Is Realizing Why It’s Better That Things Didn’t Work Out that really seemed to put things into perspective.  Read it and I’m sure you will agree…

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Start Fresh Each Day


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Fitness And the Over Forty Crowd


The Sunset in No VAI’ve been so tired getting used to my new routine with full time work so I decided to try going to some evening workout classes instead of getting up super early in the AM. I’m not sure if I like working out so late in the day – I prefer to get it over with before my full day starts but just like circumstances change, my workout routine needs to be re-evaluated from time to time.

Since I was burned out from CrossFit for a while, I want to make sure that I am listening to all the signs my body is giving me and add variety to my overall routine, which includes taking extra rest days here and there.  I had dinner with a friend this weekend. We were talking about taking our age into account when we create expectations from our workout routine. She and I both agree that we just can’t recover enough when we do heavy HIIT and some strength training 5 times a week.

Sports for Athletes Over 40: Think You’re Washed Up? Think Again!

I think that’s what contributed to my burnout and constant shoulder impingement. I am finding boxing a good mix –of cardio and body weight and am still looking to add in barbell work to a lesser degree. As much as I want to keep up with the young’ens that I workout with, I have to realize that it’s just not physically possible. Don’t get me wrong – I am still pretty kickass in shape but I just need to refocus and reset what I expect to get out my workouts. And also figure out a way to add my yoga sessions back in — I miss them terribly.

On a different note: The sunset pic I took last night had no filter. It looked like a painting but it was real. It was breathtakingly gorgeous and it reminded me that I need to stop and appreciate the beauty around me.

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Be inspired by this young kid: High School football player offers the best post-game motivational speech ever

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Tuesday Boxing

BOxing HEart Rate Data

Wednesday Boxing

(lost the first 15mins of data so add approx 200cal)

Heart Rate Data 92414 Boxing

Ray Rice, The NFL and Misogyny


Ray Rice, NFL and Misogyny I will admit fully that I am not a football fan. I’m not really into spending Sundays or Mondays watching the big game or going to any Super Bowl party for any reason related to actually watching the game. I had no idea who Ray Rice was up until recently. My husband told me he is a pretty good football player. No matter how good of an athlete he is, there is something defective about his character and his filter of the world. The brutal response to his girlfriend/wife during their argument and the resulting response and behavior of not only Rice, but of everyone involved in determining his punishment – in life and in his career once again shines light on the pervasive misogyny that happens every day all over the world.

One thing I have noticed the past day or so is that no one is really talking about how Janay Rice is feeling until I read this: The Revictimizing of Janay Rice. I get that she married him after the incident. Staying with the abuser is a common behavior of women in abusive relationships. I am not able to understand what goes through the mind of someone who is subjected to mental and physical abuse regularly, which is something I need to be reminded about when I find myself questioning how she could have gone on and married him after that.  We are not in her shoes and have no room to judge her decision to do what’s best for her and her family.

What I am really upset about is how the NFL as a whole has treated this case. Ray Rice got a slap on the wrist until we all saw what really happened although how many people out there thought they were having a party in that elevator for real? He dragged her out of the elevator, completely knocked out. How does anyone think she got that way? The Commissioner knew, the Leaders of the Ravens knew it — and Ray Rice knew it. But we are talking about Ray Rice the brand –the money maker. How can they possible do the right thing when it will cost them money? <insert sarcasm>

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann manages to capture the essence of the situation perfectly…

Find Your Fall Motivation


Boxing AftermathSome mornings are tougher than others and today was one of them! It’s Monday and I am tired. I keep forgetting to drink Natural Calm Magnesium and I can really tell the difference in my overall energy level.  I also think that the season change isn’t helping. Fall is coming and it’s that much harder to get my butt out of bed but just like with anything -practice makes better. The allure of a comfy, warm bed is hard to combat but I found some tips to help make it easier: Tips For Keeping Motivated To Exercise This Fall. And one of the most important things you can do, in general, is get a good night’s sleep

Here’s to a great week…

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Life Has No Remote


Monday: Boxing

This is actually not accurate today. We did some ‘ground and pound’ bag work and the monitor stopped reading each time we headed over to the bags – so it was actually higher than this caloric count. 
hrate90814 Boxing



Boxing 9.7.14 Heart Rate Data


Joan Rivers: A True Pioneer


Joan Rivers was a true pioneer and a very savvy business woman. Remember her hugely successful Jewelry Line before anyone else was doing that? RIP Joan. 

Joan Rivers


Variety: Joan Rivers, Comedian and TV Host, Dies at 81

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day Anyway?


My friend Liz invited me to try a new CrossFit that opened nearby for a Saturday WOD this weekend. It was a partner workout with 3 rounds of 30 OHS, 40 Pull Ups and 50 V-Ups. I have not really done any lifting for months, so the gift of OHS was felt all day Sunday for sure. I do miss parts of CrossFit but not all of it — so I have some thinking to do whether I want to sign up for a few months to see if the fire has returned. Decisions, decisions…

Pull Up InjuryAnd of course the pull ups left me with some nasty open calluses that are very painful. I am never proud of them because I know that it means my form was definitely off. I used chalk but it was so hot in the gym that mixed with sweat, the bars were coated with a chalky paste.

Monday is Labor Day. I asked around to see if any one really knew what it was all about. Not many did, so here’s some good info about why we celebrate this holiday.

According to the US Dept of Labor site, Labor Day is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

So, if you work in the USA – you go ahead and celebrate. Without all we do – our country wouldn’t be as amazing as it is.

Happy Labor Day 2014

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My Friend Lisbeth mentioned Joan Rivers on her FB page and I think she captured what a game changer she was for women during her hey day…

If this is the end for Joan Rivers, I hope it’s peaceful. She was a significant force in her field and for women. Was she crass or unkind at times? Perhaps. But I, for one, thank her for being strong and smart and funny. For a young girl growing up in stuffy Connecticut, Joan was a breath of fresh air. Her influence was far greater than she ever knew.

I’m sending good health vibes to the amazing Joan Rivers…

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Saturday CrossFit WOD
Sunday Boxing

Heart Rate Data for Boxing

Sleeping Is Essential For Restoration and Recovery


Have you had a chance to watch Jon Stewart’s brilliant response to Fox’s news coverage of Ferguson? I rarely post stuff about this sort of situation on my blog, but I really saw a different side of things after watching Jon Stewart and the Daily Show’s take on what is going on. I never really in depth wise too a look at how life is really different for black people — and now, my eyes are open.

Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue

Sleeping Is Essential For Restoration and Recovery

Sleep Switching gears, I love what this article is recommending: You Can’t Get Too Much Sleep! I love sleeping and taking naps and now I have proof it’s good for me. Essentially, the research shows that…

“The body’s major restorative functions “like muscle growth, tissue repair, protein synthesis, and growth hormone release occur mostly, or in some cases only, during sleep,” Harvard Medical School explains. It makes sense that athletes who tax their muscles more than the average person need more sleep to fix the damage. It appears that extra, above eight-hour sleep benefits athletes rather than contributing to an early demise. “You can never get ‘too much’ sleep,” University of Pennsylvania sleep researcher Dr. Sigrid Veasey wrote Outside in an email. “When you have had enough sleep you will wake up.” “

The morale of the article is to make sure you are getting enough shut eye to recover and restore. One suggestion I have is to not bring your computer or tablet into bed with you at night. It throws off your circadian rhythms and can cause issues with sleep. And no one has time for that!

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Kindness never goes out of style


Kindness and Robin WilliamsKindness never goes out of style

I came across another wonderful story about the kindness displayed by Robin Williams. You won’t regret reading it:

I’m on Day 4 of 5, sharing what I am thankful for:

  1. 1. I’m thankful for my large network of good people. I’ve learned so much from them and they have helped me in so many ways over the years.
  2. 2. I’m thankful for salad. Any one that knows me well, knows I love me a good salad.
  3. 3. I’m thankful for laughter. It has gotten me through many tough situations.

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