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Depression: An Inner Struggle


I still have Robin Williams on my mind. Reports say that he had been getting treatment for his depression but that it was too far gone to do any good. I’m not sure I am willing to believe that help at any point is not helpful. The entire situation is tragic and hurts. We hurt because he was a part of our lives. His movies mean something to us. He touched many of us deeply and many of us can relate to his mental health struggle. Russell Brand wrote a very poignant piece about Robin Williams and his struggle.

When someone gets to 63 I imagined, hoped, I suppose, that maturity would grant an immunity to adolescent notions of suicide but today I read that suicide isn’t exclusively a young man’s game.

Robin Williams was not a young kid – dealing with the struggles that sometimes hurt so badly that teens don’t know how to deal – he was what we would call a success! He had kids, a wife, money, career success. The stories about how kind and thoughtful he was continue to pour in… It really is true that no one knows what inner struggles another person faces day in and out. If we all remember that and approach our daily lives with kindness and patience – we all benefit.

Stats about Depression

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Today is A New Day



Heart Rate 8.13.14

Be Thankful for The Difficult People


Mean People Suck Earlier this week I found out that someone that I am not fond of has been hired to do some work at one of the company’s that I am doing consulting work for.  When I said I am “not fond of”, It’s really not even close to covering how much I would prefer never seeing this person again. Up until this week, I didn’t think I would ever have to. What are the chances that this person would re-enter my life? It got me thinking about the reason that they showed up again.  Could I still have more to learn from the experience? It could be that her projects will never intersect what I am doing and I hope that is true – but the fact that she has entered my professional circle once again has irked me. Like some cruel joke. I’m professional and all but I can’t help feeling a pit in my stomach when I think about it.

So I did what someone like me does usually – took to the internets to read and learn about Nasty People. Hope it helps some of you out there as well —

I took a rest day today after not taking one on Weds after all — I was so tired this morning and started the internal dialogue with myself when the alarm went off about how tired I was. Since I didn’t have a real rest day yet, I said what the heck and turned the alarm off and went back to sleep.

If you read my blog regularly, you know I ditched the gluten a long time ago. I just realized I felt like crap all the time, my belly was always bloated. I wanted to sleep all the time -my symptoms go on and on. It’s always interesting to read about research on how gluten affects people.

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Super Cute Picture of the Day

Family - My sister and Niece


Clearing the Clutter


The kids are finally in school and the house is quiet. I just want to sit here and enjoy the silence. As much as I love my kids and being able to spend extra time with them, there is definitely a need for space. For their benefit and mine. Enough was enough.

ClutterI was able to get some of the much needed de-cluttering done this weekend. I scheduled an appointment with to pick up the stuff at my house –and almost half of a garage full of stuff will be in the hands of the Lupus Foundation before the day is through. I love the feeling I have after a good purge.  I was telling someone late last week, how I finally feel like I can catch my breath now that I am not working somewhere that was suffocating me. The clearing of all the clutter in my house is a sign that I’m coming up for air and it is such a great feeling. I highly recommend getting the shit out of your life as a great way to help you feel better.

Here are a few good sites about clearing clutter:


Another way to renew and feel great is to spend time with a baby. Here is the most adorable picture of my brother and his new daughter:

David and ANothing sweeter than seeing your big brother holding his beautiful newborn – this picture melts my heart. I can’t wait to meet her…


Squat Clean Testing -managed a 5# PR on my squat clean -however, it wasn’t a perfect clean and I know strength wise I am capable of much more. Gotta get the technique down – practice, practice, practice.

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Musings for an Ordinary Day


Holy cow it’s cold – the thermometer said 4′ on the way to the gym this morning. Temperature

I am really wanting to go to San Francisco and meet my nieces. Seeing the pics of them is tough because I know it will be a while before I get to actually meet them in person. I am a lot like my Mom  — We both love babies. I could hold them all day long. As hard as it was being a new mom years ago – I loved it. Babies just are a sign of all that is right in the world.

Water Reminder AppAs I mentioned yesterday, I’m trying to drink more water. It’s a goal I make all the time – it’s such a struggle. I found a free app to remind me called Daily Water. Let’s see if that helps the cause.


Strength: back squat 185#
Turkish sit ups
Double Unders

-20 minute sit in the sauna.

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Are You Drinking Enough Water?


Kids are home and I found out they will be home for the rest of the week thanks to Mother Nature. I am all for being around my kids, but there comes a time when we all need some distance from one another –like this week!

One of the nutrition challenge extra asks last week was to drink .5L for every pound you weigh. Most of us don’t drink enough water – I know I don’t. It’s actually really hard – and I know I need to do better. So let’s all commit to drinking lots of water this week and see how we feel.

Drink Water - Hydration is Important



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Eat Clean and Train Hard

Moving On & Simplifying Your Life


This has been a really long week – lots of great things, lots of life happening. I can honestly say I am finally starting to feel better about everything – my spirits are re-igniting. It’s about friggin’ time too. I don’t like to be in the dumps and the people around me don’t appreciate it either.

I really do think there is something to the thinking and focusing on the positives in life.

My Dad - Live Fit and Sore!Today is my Dad’s 74th birthday. Crazy how time flies and my Dad is in his seventies. I was thinking back to when I was growing up and how young my parents were. I never thought about them aging and now – in their seventies! I have not always been the closest to my Dad, but as I get older, and am a parent – I am learning that much of what happened back then doesn’t really matter anymore. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard or wrong or challenging – it just means that life goes on and I am who I am because of my experiences-good and bad.

I am really thankful that both my parents are still around – and I realize that some day that won’t be the case. Every day with family is a gift. No one else in the entire world will be closer to you than them. I always tell my kids that too. My relationship with my Dad is not a typical one – but I appreciate him for what he can offer and the fact that he can be in my kids’ lives. He does the best he can with the skills he developed and I have to accept him for who he is.

Happy Birthday Dad! 

Here’s an interesting read for those that have a rocky relationship with your Dad:



holy cow this one hurt!

5 Wall Balls
10 Pull Ups
10m broad jumps
60m farmer carry
–rest 2min & repeat–
mobility work
–16 minutes
20sec Plank
10sec Superman
(no rest in between)

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How Much Fat Should I Eat?

Dr Wayne Dyer posted a status on his Facebook page yesterday that I will re-post here because I think it’s a great reminder for us all. Simplifying our lives will better our lives. I have started to do this slowly. Uncluttering our home and slowing down have been the first items I am tackling. This will be an ongoing To Do List for me. How about you?

My 12-Step Program for Simplifying Your Life

Here are 12 very specific tools for simplifying your life. Begin using them today if you’re serious about hearing that ultimate call to inspiration.

1. Unclutter Your Life. You’ll feel a real rush of inspiration when you clear out stuff that’s no longer useful in your life: 

If you haven’t worn it in the past year or two, recycle it for others to use. Get rid of old files that take up space and are seldom, if ever, needed. Donate unused toys, tools, books, bicycles, and dishes to a charitable organization. 

2 Get rid of anything that keeps you mired in acquisitions that contribute to a cluttered life. In the words of Socrates, “He is nearest to God who needs the fewest things.” So the less you need to insure, protect, dust, reorganize, and move, the closer you’ll be to hearing inspiration’s call.

3. Clear your Calendar of Unwanted and Unnecessary Activities and Obligations. If you’re unavailable for Spirit, you’re unlikely to know the glow of inspiration. God will indeed work with you and send you the guidance—and the people—you need, but if you’re grossly overscheduled, you’re going to miss these life-altering gifts. So practice saying no to excessive demands and don’t feel guilty about injecting a dose of leisure time into your daily routine.

4 Be Sure to Keep Your Free Time Free. Be on the lookout for invitations to functions that may keep you on top of society’s pyramid, but which inhibit your access to joyful inspiration. If cocktail parties, social get-togethers, fund-raising events, or even drinking-and-gossiping gatherings with friends aren’t really how you want to spend your free time, then don’t. Begin declining invitations that don’t activate feelings of inspiration. I find that an evening spent reading or writing letters, watching a movie with a loved one, having dinner with my children, or even exercising alone is far more inspiring than getting dressed to attend a function often filled with small talk. I’ve learned to be unavailable for such events without apologizing, and consequently have more inspired moments freed up.

5Take Time for Meditation and Yoga. Give yourself at least 20 minutes a day to sit quietly and make conscious contact with God. I’ve written an entire book on this subject called Getting in the Gap, so I won’t belabor it here. I will say that I’ve received thousands of messages from people all over the world, who have expressed their appreciation for learning how to simplify their life by taking the time to meditate. I also encourage you to find a yoga center near you and begin a regular practice. The rewards are so powerful: You’ll feel healthier, less stressed, and inspired by what you’ll be able to do with and for your body in a very short time. 

6 Return to the Simplicity of Nature. There’s nothing more awe-inspiring than nature itself. The fantasy to return to a less tumultuous life almost always involves living in the splendor of the mountains, the forests, or the tundra; on an island; near the ocean; or beside a lake. These are universal urges, since nature is created by the same Source as we are, and we’re made up of the same chemicals as all of nature (we’re stardust, remember?).

7 Your urge to simplify and feel inspired is fueled by the desire to be your natural self—that is, your nature self. So give yourself permission to get away to trek or camp in the woods; swim in a river, lake, or ocean; sit by an open fire; ride horseback through trails; or ski down a mountain slope. This doesn’t have to mean long, planned vacations that are months away—no matter where you live, you’re only a few hours or even moments away from a park, campground, or trail that will allow you to enjoy a feeling of being connected to the entire Universe.

8 Put Distance between You and Your Critics. Choose to align yourself with people who are like-minded in their search for simplified inspiration. Give those who find fault or who are confrontational a silent blessing and remove yourself from their energy as quickly as possible. Your life is simplified enormously when you don’t have to defend yourself to anyone, and when you receive support rather than criticism. You don’t have to endure the criticism with anything other than a polite thank-you and a promise to consider what’s been said—anything else is a state of conflict that erases the possibility of your feeling inspired. You never need to defend yourself or your desires to anyone, as those inner feelings are Spirit speaking to you. Those thoughts are sacred, so don’t ever let anyone trample on them.

9 Take Some Time for Your Health. Consider that the number one health problem in America seems to be obesity. How can you feel inspired and live in simplicity if you’re gorging on excessive amounts of food and eliminating the exercise that the body craves? Recall that your body is a sacred temple where you reside for this lifetime, so make some time every single day for exercising it. Even if you can only manage a walk around the block, just do it. Similarly, keep the words portion control uppermost in your consciousness—your stomach is the size of your fist, not a wheelbarrow! Respect your sacred temple and simplify your life by being an exerciser and a sensible eater. I promise that you’ll feel inspired if you act on this today!

10 Play, Play, Play! You’ll simplify your life and feel inspired if you learn to play rather than work your way through life. I love to be around kids because they inspire me with their laughter and frivolity. In fact, if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times: “Wayne, you’ve never grown up—you’re always playing.” I take great pride in this! I play onstage when I speak, and I’m playing now as I write. 

Many years ago I was given a tremendous opportunity to appear on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The man who took a chance on me, booking me even though I was an unknown at the time, was a talent coordinator named Howard Papush. It was my first big break, and I went on to appear on The Tonight Show 36 additional times. Now it’s my turn to say thank you to Howard. He’s written a wonderful book titled When’s Recess? Playing Your Way Through the Stresses of Life, which I encourage you to read. (Howard also conducts workshops that teach people how to play and have fun in life.) In the book, Howard shares this great quote from Richard Bach: “You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real self.” I couldn’t agree more—by all means, get back in touch with your real, playful self, and take every opportunity to play! Notice how it makes everything so sweet, and so simple.

11 Slow Down. One of Gandhi’s most illuminating observations reminds us that “there is more to life than increasing its speed.” This is great advice for simplifying your life—in fact, slow everything way down for a few moments right here and now. Slowly read these words. Slow your breathing down so that you’re aware of each inhalation and exhalation…

When you’re in your car, downshift and relax. Slow down your speech, your inner thoughts, and the frantic pace of everything you do. Take more time to hear others. Notice your inclination to interrupt and get the conversation over with, and then choose to listen instead. Stop to enjoy the stars on a clear night and the cloud formations on a crisp day. Sit down in a mall and just observe how everyone seems in a hurry to get nowhere.

By slowing down, you’ll simplify and rejoin the perfect pace at which creation works. Imagine trying to hurry nature up by tugging at an emerging tomato plant—you’re as natural as that plant, so let yourself be at peace with the perfection of nature’s plan.

12 Do Everything You Can to Eschew Debt. Remember that you’re attempting to simplify your life here, so you don’t need to purchase more of what will complicate and clutter your life. If you can’t afford it, let it go until you can. By going into debt, you’ll just add layers of anxiety onto your life. That anxiety will then take you away from your peace, which is where you are when you’re in-Spirit. When you have to work extra hard to pay off debts, the present moments of your life are less enjoyable; consequently, you’re further away from the joy and peace that are the trademarks of inspiration. You’re far better off to have less and enjoy the days of your life than to take on debt and invite stress and anxiety where peace and tranquility could have reigned. And remember that the money you have in your possession is nothing but energy—so refuse to plug in to an energy system that’s not even there.

Life Is Short - Live Fit and Sore!

Think About Your Social Legacy


Rekindle your Inner Spirit - LiveFitandSore.comI’ve been really reflective the past month or so – thinking about life, my own place in the universe, how I relate to others, and the frailty of life in general. Not sure why all of the sudden – maybe because some change in my own life or seeing friends lose someone close to them.

Yesterday, I came across a post that once again displayed how short life is and how it can change in the blink of an eye. The reason I am sharing is to really drive home the idea that you need to make every moment count. Don’t hold on to anger. Don’t be stopped by fear. Stop and smell the roses. Focus on creating the life you want.

Everything We Leave Behind – Amanda was living her life, using Twitter once in a while, and then found out she was very ill with a brain tumor. Her tweets capture her life –all the way to the end. This compilation is a poignant snapshot of a life — and she didn’t even realize that she left a legacy. It really makes you think about your own social legacy after you pass — and what it says about you.

Life really is precious and short — take advantage of the time you have.


Strength: Bench
WOD: Death by…
10m sprints
–if you complete under 10 rounds>40 burpees
–if you complete under 15 rounds>20 burpees
–if you complete under 20 rounds>1 burpee

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Music to your Ears

Pharrell “Happy”

Life Happens So Always Look Again


The past month or so have been odd — my son’s friend’s father died over the holidays and this week, my coach, Randy, at Highbar had to leave abruptly on Monday – unfortunately his father passed away in his sleep sometime during the night. Life happens and you never know what’s next.

I was talking to Randy this morning and he was sharing with me how in the span of a few short days – he is forever changed. He was talking about spiritually. I am not a particularly spiritual person myself,  but when I look back at the time when we found out my husband was sick – weeks/months before, there were things happening in our lives that were setting our family up physically, spiritually and mentally with resources, people and information that we would need on our journey.  I didn’t realize it at the time, of course, but there are things that I see clear as day now. Why did those pieces come into play? It is something I still find comfort in – proof that there is some sort of divine plan in play. Things will be ok and what happens is meant to happen and meant to be. Good or bad – we should learn from it, become better for it, and live our lives with the lessons in practice.

Always Look Again - LiveFitandSore.comI think it has helped me recently with the change in my career and changing CrossFit gyms this past spring.  Continuing to tell myself that things happen for a reason and I will indeed be OK. If things I am doing cause me a lot of struggle – I need to take a look and evaluate it. Maybe I am supposed to struggle and learn – maybe it’s just the wrong path for me. Always look again…

My daughter Hannah gets this whole concept — and I love when she reminds me how much happier I am after a big change. It’s a gift that kids have — we seem to lose it growing up — to see things as they really are. No filter to cloud it up. It is what it is to them -no interpretation, no bias.


Rest Day!

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 Music to Your Ears

I’ve been listening to this mushy song by John Legend lately. You can tell whomever he wrote it for –is loved.

Is Chivalry Dead or Is It Just About Manners?


My friend Nicole mentioned a new moisturizer she has been using that helped her heal fast from a minor surgery she had. She said the doctors were amazed at how fast she was healing up because she was using it. I ran to the store and picked some up and I have been using it for two days now, before I go to bed, and it really does work. It’s called Avalon Organics Vitamin C Sun-Aging Defense Renewal Facial Cream and I am totally sold. Just wanted to share!

Don't Just Eat -Fuel Your Body Livefitandsore.comI am now on day four of eating clean for the Wellness Challenge at Highbar CrossFit and I have to honestly say that I FEEL better. My workouts are just flowing better. I can’t describe it but it’s like I feel lighter – and not weight wise. Just less bogged down, lighter on my feet. It’s been easier to get up in the AM and I am sleeping more soundly.  And mentally, I am just feeling more like myself finally. I have found some motivation that had been in hibernation since this fall and feeling hopeful again. Food really does affect you – physically and mentally. And even though we all know how great we feel when we eat clean and healthy, it’s a lot easier to talk about then do. It’s one of those ongoing battles so many of us have.

Yesterday, I read this post by Matt Walsh – Chivalry is Out of Style

In his post, he laments about how men have seemed to forget to put women and children first in their daily life. I actually agree with a lot of what he said – but I think it comes down to manners – my husband is the first one to hold the door for someone, give up his seat, grab something from the top shelf at the grocery store-and it’s something I love and smile every time he does it. I am proud that he is the type of person/man that does that without question.  I think at the heart of it is a lot of people today are so into themselves and what’s in it for them – they forget that we all are in this together. You see a senior citizen or a prego lady or a mom and her kiddos, or small kids: get off your ass and give them your seat. Simple as that.

And finally, I want to mention a freak tragic accident that happened in the CrossFit world this past weekend: Kevin Ogar suffers serious injury at OC Throwdown. The guy is paralyzed from his waist down right now — too early to tell his long term prognosis.

We sometimes forget that participating in these types of CF competitions bring on inherent risks just like any other sport tournament and/or competition — a freak accident and this poor guys life is forever changed. Help him out if you can –I am going to donate to his

With that said, why would you compete in a competition like this without health insurance? I get that we all think “it will never happen to me” but even the best athletes in the world get injured when competing. Seems like it should be a requirement to compete – something to think about. Oh to be young and naive….my best wishes for his recovery.


Dot Drills
Mobility work (duck walk, instep lunges, sprints)
10 minutes

  • 2 manmakers
  • 10m Broad Jumps
  • 10m Shuffles
  • 10m bear crawl
  • 10m walking lunges
  • 20m sprints

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