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Last week, Scotty’s car had issues and today, my engine light came on. Should be interesting to find out what’s causing the issue, but in perspective – it’s not that big of a deal. Life certainly doesn’t slow down or stop for anyone, does it?

Which brings me to a topic on my mind lately…

The Christmas and New Year holidays bring out a lot of emotions for everyone, including me. I have been reading about long term mental and emotional effects of cancer among those who are cured from cancer and the caretakers who were affected by the experience. I have been somewhat off kilter since learning of Mathias Giordano’s death. 

Fuck Cancer - livefitandsore.comJust because the Cancer is gone, the CANCER isn’t gone.

“Cancer is the gift that keeps on giving. Even if your lucky enough to be told “You’re cured. Go home.”, that is rarely the end of the story. Survivors are often unprepared to handle long-term mental health effects can last a lifetime.” I would also add that caretakers and families are forever changed as well.  The boards over at Stupid Cancer reflect a growing group that needs attention.

Although Scotty has been cancer free for 6+ years, he still has lingering effects. His sleeping patterns have not been the same since his diagnosis, his immune system is weakened and you can imagine what having half a colon does to his daily habits. And although he doesn’t really talk about it, I know mentally there are things that creep up from time to time.

Our kids still get nervous and anxious whenever Scott mentions he’s not feeling well – even for a common cold.  There are news events and others’ experiences (like Mathias’s passing) that quickly remind me of what we went through and immediately take me back to that time including the emotions of it all.  Both Scott and I get nervous every time he has to see a doctor – nothing is routine anymore when it comes to his health.

So, what’s my point in sharing this?  I guess it’s more to remind people that cancer is a forever changing disease – and while those that become cancer free are free from the actual disease, they will never be the same. Friends and family shouldn’t act like it never happened once it’s over, because it’s never really over.

RIP Joe Cocker - who died today from his cancer battle at age 70.


Boxing session

Boxing is great - livefitandsore.com

Star Wars: The Gold Bikini


How cute is this and telling about how we put thoughts and ideas into the minds of our children when they are really thinking of things from a very innocent point of view…

I’m on the team: Nuun Ambassador 2015


Nuun-Flavor-LineupI’m very excited that I was accepted as Nuun Ambassador for next year! I started using Nuun a few years ago when I someone gave me some to add to my water to help rehydrate after a race I had done. If you aren’t familiar with Nuun- they are these drink tabs that you add to water that enhance it with electrolytes to help keep you hydrated. They don’t have all the additives or high sugar content like Gatorade or other sports/energy drinks.  That’s what I liked about them to begin with – they don’t have all of that crap added to it. I also like that the tabs don’t overpower my water with a sugary, sweet taste.

Here’s some more info from the Nuun product page.

What does being an ambassador mean?

To be on Team Nuun, you need to be passionate about staying hydrated, no matter the activity or sport.  I applied and was just notified that I’m on the 2015 team! I’m excited and happy to help spread the word about Nuun.  So stay tuned throughout the year, as I share info, pictures and resources about hydration and Nuun!

Nuun Ambassador 2015



Heads Up: Website Updates


I’m having some minor issues with my website that we are working through. So please bear with me as the layout may be wonky until we fix the situation!



Happy Hanukkah 2014


Happy Hanukkah 2014

And I know you all want to see Hanukkah memes…

Hanukkah 2014: All the Chanukkah Memes You Need to See 

Corporate America: The Crap They Eat


I appreciate a free lunch like anyone else out there – but when you make healthy eating a priority, a free lunch doesn’t really mean much.

A few weeks ago, I was attending an in-house two day training session for work. Apparently, my company provides lunch when all day training is scheduled.  Being new, I didn’t know that – and because I am used to being a ‘picky’ eater, I am perfectly fine providing my own lunch – no issue at all.

Before arriving on my first day of training, I stopped off at Wegmans and picked up a salad. Lunch was provided for the rest of the group and it was the standard: Sandwiches, salad with croutons and cheese, a cream based soup and cookies and brownies for dessert.  Needless to say, I was happy with my salad even though it provoked a ton of comments and questions about my food preferences. All was right with the world.

Before the end of day one, the lady in charge of ordering asked me what my food preferences were. She seemed to not even grasp the idea of a food allergy if you ask me but I told her nonetheless.  I mentioned I don’t eat foods with gluten or dairy and suggested a salad as a good option if she were able to order something for me. She wrote it down and said ‘no problem’.

SaladI didn’t stop for salad the next morning – why would I? Well – I should have known better. Lunchtime came around – the lunch order arrived. Guess what was waiting for me? A bowl of lettuce – and to add insult to injury, with grated Parmesan cheese mixed in. I am not even joking – a BIG BOWL OF LETTUCE – iceberg lettuce!! I looked at the lady and she just shrugged and said I told them you didn’t eat gluten and walked away.

I don’t need to be coddled. I am perfectly fine fending for myself when it comes to my food preferences,  but when someone says they are going to take care of something, I figure – they will take care of it. Silly me – I was even more annoyed that the lady didn’t give a shit afterwards. Who the hell eats a bowl of lettuce and calls that lunch? Would she be ok with that for her lunch? Anyways …

Today my company held holiday lunch. There was nothing for me to eat. Not a huge deal, since I brought my lunch but it just seems to me when you are providing for a large group of people – at least a few of them would need some other options than fried, breaded, cream based foods. The salad they offered had cheese all over it again as well – there was absolutely not one thing offered that I could eat.  As I said, I wasn’t expecting different but it made me think about a few things…

  1. You can’t please everyone – I get that. However, if you are in charge of putting together a luncheon/dinner/party– at least consider those with food allergies or preferences. Salads (beyond just a bowl of lettuce) are great. Just offer the cheese and croutons on the side.
  2. Corporate America eats like shit. There was not even a crudité fruit platter offered instead of cookies/brownies for dessert.

Anyway, that’s my PSA for the day…

I wonder if this list of The 44 Healthiest Companies to Work For in America has the same problem?

Wreaths Across America: Not All Family Events Go As Planned


Life does not go as planned - Live Fit and SoreWanting to give back this holiday season and also get my kids out of the house, out of their normal weekend routine, I made plans to head into DC to participate in the Wreaths Across America event at Arlington National Cemetery. The plan was to meet up with my friends Pam and Foxy at 815 at ANC and start spreading the joy.

Well, like I have said before life is all about surprises and learning how to be comfortable when uncomfortable things arise…

The kids got up well for once and although we hit the road a bit late, we were on our way. As we traveled down the street that led directly to the cemetery, we got stuck in a huge, standstill traffic jam. Seems most of the DMV area had the same idea and were on their way to the same parking lot. After about 45 minutes of hardly moving traffic, we noticed smoke coming from the front of the car. At first, I thought it was the wind kicking up the exhaust smoke from the car in front of us… Well, no – that was not it.

It was our car! The car starts to overheat and smoke starts to quickly thicken and billow out our car hood. It became even clearer that it was us when people started to look and point. Scotty didn’t miss a beat. He pulled over to assess the situation and a random nice guy pulled over as well to see if he could lend us some help – A big thank you to that guy! You rock!

Unfortunately, the car issue was not something fixable on the spot. Fortunately, we do have AAA!  Scott told us to go ahead to the cemetery while he took care of the car and waited for the tow truck. 45 minutes later, the tow truck guy arrived and took Scotty and the car back near home to our mechanic and then on to home. And not to get into the details, but it of course is not a cheap fix – but the car is fixed and we are picking it up this afternoon.

But that’s not where the story ends…

When the kids and I arrived at the gates of the cemetery, I had to hit the restroom. Well what a shocker that the women’s rest room had a line –but not just any line – a mile long line. Imagine an event like this, open to the public, and the weather was pretty darn good. Then add in having only 8 bathroom stalls available for the women??? The men’s rooms had urinals (I am told) and had NO LINES – and 40 minutes later, I took my turn. When I left the rest room, the line was as long, if not longer.

And the friends I was supposed to meet? Well we never did meet up. They were in that same long car traffic jam and after a long time, were directed to park at the Pentagon and then had to take the metro over. When they finally arrive, they had to stand in that rest room line.

By the time they were ready to start, my kids had had enough. They did enjoy the first hour or so of walking the grounds – and putting wreaths down, when they are done, they are done. So we started to head out of the cemetery…

How will we get home?

As we were walking out, the reality of having to take the metro hit my son. And when he heard it would take over an hour to get home, well he was not a happy camper. All I said to him – calmly “Well, what would you like me to do?” and of course, he had no answer. Just shrugged and started trudging down the sidewalk to the metro station.

Which is where we encountered yet another line…a long line. It didn’t help that the metro card machine broke down while I was trying to use it. Which meant I had to wait for the mechanic to reset the machine. It took me a while to figure out what stop, because I have not been on the silver line before. But I found my destination on the map and bought my 3 tickets. The lady behind me asked me – with panic in her voice – if I could help her please because she had no idea how to buy multiple tickets. As frustrated as I was, I took the time to help her out – you have to be kind to expect kindness in return.

Then we have to get into a long line to go through the turn style – and head up to catch the train. As we are about to board the train, my daughter says “Mom, I lost my metro ticket down there…” (Between the escalators i.e. unreachable) “But don’t worry Mom, I have been on the metro before and we don’t need it anymore.” WRONG. I said in a very frustrated and even a bit angry tone – “Yes you do. How will they know where you get on when you get off?”  You know kids know everything…

I had no idea what the deal would be when we got off the train, but we got on and headed towards home. When we arrived, Scotty was waiting for us, had already talked to the metro guy and they let us through with no issue.

Family  - Live Fit and Sore! A great husband…

Let me take a moment to share how much I love Scotty.

He had been really looking forward to this event and because of the car, he couldn’t. Not only did he take care of the car issue without getting upset, he was waiting for us at the metro station, had already talked to the metro attendant, so we didn’t have to wait to deal with the lost fare card and further more, when we got to the car – he had picked up lunch from one of my favorite places because he knew I would be hungry.

Keep this story in mind, when you go on Facebook and look at all the wonderful pictures I took from this event. Social media does not tell real story behind experiences… Wreaths Across America photo gallery

So, that’s what happens when the Hoaglunds try to get outside of our comfort zone and do something different. It never goes off as planned – but as Scott and I remarked later in the day, things could have been so much worse in this situation and in life in general. It’s all about perspective…

Obesity: In Black and White


So here’s a gut kicker that happened to me today. Regularly, I go to my general practitioner for a med check and I for the most part I request that they don’t check my weight.  As much as I talk about how the number on the scale isn’t necessarily an accurate indicator of one’s health and definitely not a definition of one’s worth – there are times when that number grabs a hold of my self esteem and drags it down a few notches.

BMI Issues I received an invitation to my GP’s medical website that has all of my health information and records. As I logged in, guess what was the first thing I saw? My weight. The second thing? That it was classified as obese. My files show one of my diagnosis is Obesity. I know I have gained some weight in the past year –and it hasn’t been from strength training. The past year definitely knocked me on my butt emotionally and I am no different than many others out there — I wasn’t interested in being diligent in what I was eating and eating crap made me feel better – at least at that moment in time.  But.. even with that – there is no way I am obese. Intellectually I know this — even with my admission that I could stand to lose some poundage-I am not obese.

Even that pod test I did earlier this year didn’t put me at obese.

As I work to beat down the blow to my self esteem, it bears repeating that BMI is not a good indicator of health or a healthy weight — “We’re battering a ram into a brick wall trying to measure success through people’s BMI.

What Everyone Is Afraid to Say About Obesity 

Seeing that word OBESITY in black and white has added to the blah feelings that have been hovering over me lately. I’m exercising just as usual –maybe even at a higher intensity so I know that I have to put the focus on my nutrition. But knowing what I need to do – and doing it are two different things.  I have to figure out what’s going on my head first — and I know it will click.

Read This

Blast Motion: Blast Athletic Performance Smart Video Capture


Blast Motion - Athletic PerformanceOne of the unplanned perks of my blog is that nice business owners send me products or samples from time to time to try out. I get lots of offers for products and I definitely pick and choose which ones I accept. If it doesn’t align with what I believe or am about – then I don’t accept it even when most times, the vendors do not place any sort of expectations on accepting the product. For example, diet pills are not something I would ever review, recommend or promote. It’s not a part of living a healthy and fit life according to me… so it would be a no go.

The latest product I have been sent is from Blast Motion. It’s a Smart Video Capture tool that allows you to analyze, compare and share your movements.

From their website: Blast Athletic Performance

The easy to use app not only records as you move, but allows you to share your highlights instantly with friends.

  • Precision Motion Sensor easily and securely attaches to the waistband of your clothing
  • Connects to your iPhone, iPad or iPod via Low Energy Bluetooth.
  • Smart Video Capture tracks metrics while you move.  Video is saved into your personal history as shareable clips synced with movement data.
  • Detect key events and identify trends by viewing movement history.
  • Capture performance metrics and detect key events like acceleration, rotation and jump height.
  • Tracks and stores moves when the sensor is out of range
  • Instantly share your stats via Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail without leaving the Blast App.

I downloaded the app for my iPad/iPhone and am connecting the sensor to my tablet today. I can see this being a great tool to help with my oly lifts and some other HIIT movements. I will post a follow up with my thoughts in the next week or so, so stay tuned!

Thanks to Blast Motion for sending me the Athletic Performance Precision Motion Sensor.  Even though I received it for Free, there was no expectation on their part to influence my review. My opinions here are my own. 

Related Link: Initial Press Release: C Spire and Blast Motion Partner to Offer State-of-the-Art Motion Technology Products to Improve Athletic Performance 

Create Your Own Sunshine


What is it about the holiday season that can make some people depressed? Could it be the darkness of winter that sets in or the reality of how fast time flies or memories of holidays past? Or maybe the combo of it all… I am feeling so blah – nothing really excites me lately including my workouts. My focus on eating healthy has been so compromised lately that I wouldn’t be surprised if most of my clothes stop fitting. And like most of us, I know what I need to do – it’s the doing it that’s tough for sure.

Create Your Own Sunshine - Live Fit and Sore!

Light Therapy

I have been starting to use my light therapy lamp at work when I first get in to the office in the morning. My dr recommended getting one a few years ago and I definitely think it helps – I have the Lightphoria Energy Light Lamp

“Bright light has been used for over a decade to alleviate symptoms associated with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), jetlag, shift work fatigue, insomnia, seasonal change and more. Light therapy offers a convenient and effective way of making up for the lack of light, without the need of medication. Lightphoria light therapy lamp uses very bright lights up to 10,000 lux to simulate natural sunlight whilst eliminating the dangerous UV rays. Place it 12-24 inches away from you while you read, watch TV, and work on your computer. 20-30 minutes each morning is all it takes to significantly improve energy levels and regulate sleep patterns.”

 Here are some resources to help combat holiday sadness:

And watch this video — it will help you realize how blessed and thankful many of us are…

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